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RIAA chief to step down link { com.com }
Hillary Rosen, CEO of the RIAA has said she will step down as head of the organization at the end of this year. Hillary said she wanted to spend more time with her family. "Mommy, why do all these people on the Internet hate you?"
Unskilled and Unaware of It link { apa.org }
Do you feel like everyone around you are actually really inept? Do your co-workers seem interested only in self-promotion? Check out this study on how difficulties in recognizing one's own incompetence leads to inflated self-assessments.
FBI to release computer-security updates link { com.com }
The FBI is set to announce new initiatives to keep companies up to date on the most threatening software vulnerabilities. I don't know about you, but I don't think I'll be voluntarily installing FBI software on my servers anytime soon.
Microsoft spying for the US? link { com.com }
China thinks Microsoft software contains secretly embedded code that the United States government can manipulate at will. - And from what I gather, China knows all about spying. DDR, anyone?
Do you know your online rights? link { chillingeffects.org }
The way things have been going, I wasn't sure we had any rights left. Apparently we do, and you can check out what they are at this cool site. . .
Catching up with Ogg Vorbis and Xiph CEO Emmett Plant Chris Campbell
Ogg Vorbis 1.0 Released! System Toolbox had a chance last week to catch up with Xiph CEO Emmett Plant. Check out what he has to say about Vorbis and then swing over and download 1.0! (if you can get in).
BeOS Developer Edition link { beosonline.com }
BeOS Lives! Check out the newly available download of this popular OS (dubbed "The Media OS"). It will even install to its own partition now, which is a welcome relief to folks who do not want to have to install a FAT-based Windows Install.
Whatever Happened to Binary Freedom.com? Chris Campbell
As some of you may have noticed, the Binary Freedom.com address no longer resolves . . .
2600 rehearing in DeCSS case Marcia K. Wilbur
Marcia updates us on the latest on the on-going 2600 / DeCSS case.
Peacefire's Bennett Haselton wins Spam suit in Washington State Marcia K. Wilbur
Marcia gives us a success story in the battle against spam.
Microsoft's Land War in Asia John Campbell
Microsoft has a new effort aimed at "small businesses" to enforce compliance- Seen here in Florida.
Towel Day Wrap-up D. Clyde Williamson
With individuals all over the world taking part, Towel Day was a tremendous success and a fitting tribute to Douglas Adams. Clyde tells us about his Towel Day at Marcon. Read on!
Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams D. Clyde Williamson
Clyde ponders the passing of an incredible mind and proposes a "Towel Day" in tribute.
Break Out The Cigars! D. Clyde Williamson
Binary Freedom welcomes System Tool Box to the family.
MPAA v. 2600 Appeals: DeCSS Update Marcia K. Wilbur
Marcia K. Wilbur updates us on the latest news in the DeCSS case.
MPAA v. 2600 Appeals Marcia K. Wilbur
Marcia K. Wilbur, author of "DMCA" and "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act", joins us with a rundown of May 1st happenings in the DeCSS case.
Vorbis Recombinant Emmett Plant
The guys at Xiphophorus have been very, very busy. Releasing beta4 of the Vorbis CODEC, moving to a BSD license and forming a non-profit corporation to champion free multimedia development and distribution efforts are just the beginning.
The End of Maximum Linux Emmett Plant
At midnight last night, Imagine Media announced that it was closing the doors on Maximum Linux Magazine. Emmett Plant talks to some of their staff to find out the story.
Booth Bunnies - More Than Fluff David Bounds
Linux Trade Shows: The latest and the greatest technology, news and equipment... more importantly, Booth Babes!
Linux Cluster Overkill Chris Ball
Chris Ball talks to Dan Reed (head of the NCSA) and Dave Gilardi (Director of Linux Clusters at IBM) about their new Linux clustering project.
A Vote for Freedom D. Clyde Williamson
Land of the free and home of the proprietary? Clyde takes a look at FREE, an open source application for counting ballots in elections.
Ogg Vorbis - The Successor to MP3? Andrea Glorioso
While the mp3 format may appear unstoppable, an alternative lurks on the horizon with better quality and freedom in mind. Is this the next wave of internet audio?
The Lowdown on Jabber Instant Messaging Alex Young
Tired of the AOL/ICQ instant messaging hegemony? Kick it live with Jabber, an open and free messenger!

System Security Paranoia Travis Tilley
Travis takes a look through the benefits and features of several hardcore system security packages for Linux, and finds out that real security starts with the kernel.
Hackers Beware! Chris Campbell
There is a fine balance when it comes to computer and network security, and all too often, when security books are released, it seems that the first half of the book is the woeful retelling of hacker horror stories. . .
Email: Closed Vs. Open Source Brian Quinn
In continuing with our review on Open Source Email options, Novell Section Manager Brian Quinn has pitched this logistical look at Closed Vs. Open Source Email Options.
The (Brand) New (and Improved) Testament: DNS and BIND, 4th Edition Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell reviews yet another O'Reilly must have...
Setting up PHP and MySQL on Windows NT Alex Pearsall
PHP and MySQL are the dynamic duo- like Bonnie and Clyde or pasta and marinara sauce; together, they serve up dynamic web pages faster than the blink of an eye. Alex Pearsall shows us how to do this- with Windows NT.
"SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide" Chris Campbell
Chris reviews O'Reilly's SSH Guide by Daniel J. Barrett & Richard Silverman, and proves that you can teach an old Admin new tricks.
Mandrake 8.0 Review Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell takes us on a test drive of Mandrake's latest and greatest!
Special Favors Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell kickstarts the re-launch of Binary Freedom with a bit of commentary about ice cream in relation to Linux hardware support.
"Embracing Insanity", by Russell Pavlicek Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell reviews Russ Pavlicek's stroke of creative genius.
Secure your Correspondence with GnuPG R. Emory Lundberg
Emory takes us step-by-step to get us up and running, securely, with GNU Privacy Guard.
"The Hacker Ethic", by Pekka Himanen D. Clyde Williamson
Our resident GNU/Zen Master finds a serendipity at the bookstore, and learns of the mystical and often contradictory nature of The Hacker.
System Security Paranoia Travis Tilley
Travis takes a look through the benefits and features of several hardcore system security packages for Linux, and finds out that real security starts with the kernel.
AX3000 Graphical VNC Terminal Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell met up with the folks from Axel Technologies at the New York Linux World Expo, and grilled them like a steak while he played with their VNC terminal. Read on!
An Inside Look: Nautilus Tim Bannister
Tim Bannister takes a look inside Nautilus, Eazel's desktop metaphor for Linux. Is it cool?
Free Pizza and Mac OS X Marius Aamodt Eriksen
You're a hungry college student with a penchant for Free Software. Apple Computer comes by and offer free pizza at a demonstration. What would you do? Marius took them up on their offers; here's what he found out.
Kernel Internals, Part I Marius Aamodt Eriksen
Join Marius as he takes us on a tour of /proc and kvm, two methods for accessing in-kernel data structures.
Package Management: Security vs. Stability? Chris Horn
Even though the holidays are over, UNIX fans are still concerned about proper package management. Check out Chris' take on the topic.
Linux and Video-conferencing: The Light's On But Nobody's Home D. Clyde Williamson
These days, everyone wants to be Max Headroom. Check out some free alternatives to proprietary video conferencing tools, and find out which one fits your needs!
Evolution Chris Ball
E-mail is the undisputed 'killer app' of the 'net. While your friends may bounce around with Exchange, check out Evolution, the missing link in Linux desktop E-mail and macro avoidance!

The Miseducation of a Systems Administrator Chris Campbell
Beset on all sides by ignorant and abrasive users? Chris delivers a take on why the problem may not reside with the users after all...
Cloud Computing - or Smoke and Mirrors? Chris Campbell
Welcome to the Next Big Thing (TM)- Cloud Computing.   Everywhere in IT, this buzz term abounds.   But, what does it mean?  And what does it mean to you?  And will ignoring it and pra
The Great Recession is over - If you want it Chris Campbell
In this editorial, Chris draws links between the suffering economy and the poor decisions that management makes by focusing on the wrong aspects of business.
Why Music Copies for Non Commercial Purposes are Immune from Lawsuits Marcia K. Wilbur
Confused by all of the lawsuits, threats and intimidation regarding file swapping? In this article, Marcia sets it all straight for you . .
Secure software? Don't hold your breath link { computerworld.com }
Ben Franklin once pointed out that you always sacrifice freedom for security. This statement remains true today both in civil liberties - and in software. Read this interesting opinion piece on why Secure Software will never be...
Open-Source Tug of War Heats Up link { wired.com }
"Legislation advocating government use of open-source software is un-American, anticompetitive, bad for business, and hell on the economy and taxpayers according to the Initiative for Software Choice." Un-American? Who's in charge over there?
Creativity, Flow, and Joy in Programming link { oreillynet.com }
A very interesting bit about the results of a survey of sourceforge projects. The survey digs into who these hackers are and what their motivations are. Programming can be very creative!
System Administrators: A Dying Breed? Alex Cray
Check out Alex's piece on why he thinks the days of the sysadmin may be numbered. . .
Why Won't We Read the Manual? link { washingtonpost.com }
Washington Post Staff Writer Caroline E. Mayer asks the age-old Sysadmin question: Why won't the users RTFM?
Happy Towel Day! link { towelday.net }
Don't forget to take your towel with you throughout the day today to remember the late Douglas Adams. If you get around to it, pick up a copy of "The Salmon of Doubt" and get a greater insight into the man who brought us all those great stories.
Sun: Going Nova? Alex Cray
Alex rants about his latest misdealings with Sun and points out what could be early death throes. Read on while we pass Alex a Prozac. . .
Towel Day Returns! D. Clyde Williamson
Oh no, not again! Due to popular demand Towel Day returns and Clyde starts up the festivities with this call for essays! Read On!
Paying a Visit to the GNU/Zen Master D. Clyde Williamson
Pay a visit to the GNU/Zen Master and find out why Lindows is scarcely better than the Microsoft version they are attempting to replace.
The Adventures of Little Linus In GNU/Wonderland D. Clyde Williamson
Said little Linus, "I thought you're supposed to be Tweedledee andTweedledum.."

"Nah," he laughed, "We're just Dietel and Dietel; we're father and son."

Join D. Clyde Williamson as he tells the story of Little Linus in GNU/Wonderland. . .

CyberDiversity John Campbell
Explore Biological and Cultural Diversity as parallel structues to software development and CyberDiversity. Read on!
Open Source and Non-profit Organizations Elmo Recio
Elmo Recio shares his thoughts on non-profits and Open Source in this commentary for Binary Freedom . . .
Terrorism as Product Tampering John Campbell
"The time has come" said the Walrus, "To speak of many things...."

Terrorism, the InterNet and even civilization itself are put into perspective in this insightful editorial by John Campbell. . .

Labor Unions and Open Source Elmo Recio
Elmo establishes a working model for the Labor Movement to utilize Open Source Solutions to take on "Big Brother" like International Corporations - and come out ahead.
Nine Reasons to Forget About David Coursey D. Clyde Williamson
Clyde dons his asbestos suit to fight flames of ignorance, ignited by David Courtney in his recent editorial regarding the viability of Linux as a Desktop OS.
The Self-Made Technocrat D. Clyde Williamson
Clyde explains how life imitates art, and draws from his roots to tell us how a small-town boy with a humble start became a Self-Made Technocrat.
Wither Standards? John Campbell
We all know that Microsoft employs tactics that are anti-competitive in nature, but could their gradual chipping away of standards that the Internet is built upon eventually rock the foundation of its existence?
The Great Firewall of China Elmo Recio
The Chinese government has long been able to suppress the varying external influences to their country by banning the physical availability of opposing press. The Internet has complicated this, as Elmo explains...
Catching a Ride on the Gravy Train Nathan Poznick
Nathan Poznick shares with us some startling news about the technology sector and shows us how to make the best of it.
GNU/Zen and the Art of Open Source, Part III D. Clyde Williamson
Join our resident Zen Master, D. Clyde Williamson, for a philosophical journey through the world of Open Source.
GNU/Zen and the Art of Open Source, Part II D. Clyde Williamson
Join our resident Zen Master, D. Clyde Williamson, for a philosophical journey through the world of Open Source.
OpenSSH and the ECBs Emmett Plant
Emmett takes on the role of a militant soccer mom and tells us we should mind our manners.
From The Editor's Desk Emmett Plant
Surprise, Emmett's angry again. He stopped chewing on spam just long enough to enlighten a marketroid. Read!
From The Editor's Desk Emmett Plant
Binary Freedom Editor-in-Chief Emmett Plant fills you in on the past week at BF, and passes out the thank-you's.
Adventures in Babysitting Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell is a stranger in a strange land. At a local 2600 meeting, Chris found out the truth about today's 'hacker' youth.
GNU/Zen and the Art of Open Source, Part I D. Clyde Williamson
Join our resident Zen Master, D. Clyde Williamson, for a philosophical journey through the world of Open Source.


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