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Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Red Hat Part 5 - System Services: Alex Cray
In this article in the Home Server series, we continue our look at common system services with DHCP DNS and HTTP for Red Hat / CentOS
Timed Execution of TCPDUMP Elmo Recio
Again this goes into the, I-cannot-forget-this-because-i-rarely-use-it-but-will-need-it-eventually... if you need to execute tcpdump for a limited amount of time it's very easy with the combination of two switches...Read On!
Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Red Hat Part 4 - System Services: Alex Cray
In this article of the home server series, we start looking at Red Hat System Services.
Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Red Hat Part 3 - Security: Alex Cray
In this article in the Home Server series, we look at security on our Red Hat / CentOS home server.
Using a Home Server to Learn to Sysadmin: Red Hat, Part 2 Alex Cray
This article continues the series on how to learn to sysadmin by using a home server running Red Hat / CentOS. In this article, we look at post-installation considerations, such as backups.
Quick Tips: bash-fu variable pattern substitution Elmo Recio
In this quick tip, Elmo teaches us quick pattern substitution.
Using a Home Server to Learn to Sysadmin: Red Hat, Part 1 Alex Cray
In our "So you want to be a Sysadmin" series, we suggested that a great way for folks that are new to systems administration to learn the trade is for them to set-up a server at home and learn how to install and administrate the most commonly used services. This article starts the series on how to do just this on Red Hat / CentOS.
Quick Tips - Mounting disk images as volumes Alex Cray
Need to mount an ISO as a local volume? This quick tips shows how to do loopback mounting.
Quick Backup Options in Linux Chris Campbell
The Open Source world provides a number of backup options, including TAR, CPIO, AMANDA, etc. So, is one backup method better than the other? Not necessarily. In this article we will look at TAR simply because it is ubiquitous and is considered tried and true. Read On!
Quick Tips - Citrix Client for Linux fails with Fontset Issue Elmo Recio
Having issues with a Fontset issue with your Linux Citrix client? Elmo may have the answer...
Quick Tips: Back up that boot sector! Chris Campbell
In this quick tips, we look at boot sector backups in Linux
Quick Tips - Hardening SSH Alex Cray
This week's quick tip is Alex's take on hardening SSH...
Quick Tips: iTIM 5.1 UNIX/Linux Adapter for ITDI 6.1.1 and Sudo Elmo Recio
Elmo follows up on is iTIM install article and helps address some issues that several readers reported. Read on!
Quick Tips: Finding Space Hogs Chris Campbell
Running out of space on a server that doesn't use a GUI? Here is a quick tip to find the space hogs... (I am sure there is a Dr. Strangepork / Pigs in Space joke here, but I am not quite sure where it is...)
Quick Tips: Configuring a provisioning policy for Unix/Linux Adapter in iTIM Elmo Recio
After a recent iTIM troubleshooting Quick Tips, there were a number of emails about how to handle creating a provisioning Policy for Unix Linux Adapters. Elmo's got your answer in this week's quick tips!
Quick Tips: SSH and Firewalls Elmo Recio
Is your work's firewall constantly timing out your SSH sessions? Check out Elmo's take on the problem...
Quick Tips: Enabling DVD playback in Fedora Elmo Recio
This week, Elmo shares a quick tip on how to get DVD playback working on Fedora.
Quick Tips: Issues with IBM TIM's Linux Adapter Elmo Recio
This weeks' issue resolution is with IBM's TIM Linux Adapter. If you've been having problems with this too, you might want to check this out.
Shadow Snapshots in Linux Chris Campbell
Use VSS in Windows or Time Machine in OSX and wish you could do it in Linux? Well, check out this article where we look at a few options on how to pull it off!
Quick Tips: IPTables are your friend Elmo Recio
Elmo presents a quick tip that uses IPTables as a workaround for an unchangable network location on an unsupported piece of equipment.
Quick Tips: Comparing two lists using diff, Comm Elmo Recio
On frequent occasion, system administrators need to perform various forms of data processing. Check out Elmo's quick tip on doing list contrasts with these handy bash tools.
A Quick Search and Replace Script Chris Campbell
Any command that you execute more than twice probably belongs in a script. In this quick article, we look at a very, very handy script for Searching and Replace content within files.
Quick Counts in Linux Alex Cray
One of the underrated aspects of user administration is the ability to manage data pertaining to users.   In order to handle user populations of any discernable size, you should be familiar with using shell tools to develop quick counts.
BIND in a Chroot Jail Alex Cray
Are you running DNS? BIND? Is it chrooted? With all of the security compromises today, one wonders why anyone would chose to not chroot their BIND installations.  However, many administrators are not familiar with how to do this...
Quick tips - Checking CPU Temp in Linux Brian Quinn
Concerned about high temperatures in the data center? Need a heat warning for your Linux servers? Then check out this quick temp for CPU temp checking in Linux ... Or just put a 1990's HPUX server next to your Linux server - ye old HPUX boxes would flatline if they got past 67 degrees...
Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Suse Part 5 - System Services: Alex Cray
In this article in the Home Server series, we continue our look at common system services with DHCP DNS and HTTP.
Quick Tips: Sudo broken on RHEL Elmo Recio
Elmo has discovered issues with Sudo on RHEL - but luckily in this quick tips, he's worked it out for you and has the solution...
OpenLDAP for User Domain and Linux Workstation Authentication, Part 2: The Clients Chris Campbell
In part two of the Workstation LDAP authentication series, we look at the client side configuration for Windows and Linux clients.
Quick Tips: Recovering Soft RAID Volumes Elmo Recio
In this quick tips article, Elmo looks at what it takes to recover volumes in a properly configured software RAID set.
OpenLDAP for User Domain and Linux Workstation Authentication, Part 1: The Server Chris Campbell
In this article, we look at setting up OpenLDAP and Samba to allow for authentication both Windows and Linux Workstations.
Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Suse Part 4 - System Services: Alex Cray
In this article in the Home Server series, we will start to look at common system services.
Quick Tips: Logging and replaying your shell keystrokes Elmo Recio
In this article, Elmo looks at a quick way to log and replay your shell activities - without re-executing what you have done.
Quick Tips: Handy TCPDUMP for CDP when you don't have cdpr Elmo Recio
Quick takes on a new meeting for this episode of Quick Tips where Elmo offers us a one liner for TCPDUMP for CDP when you don't have cdpr...
Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Suse Part 3 - Security Alex Cray
In this part of the Home Server Series, Alex takes a look at security for the new server installation.
Quick Tips: Fedora's Eclipse with PDT on X86_64 Elmo Recio
Check out this weeks' Quick tips where Elmo looks at Fedora's Eclipse with PDT.
The State of Open Source :: "Here we are, now Entertain us." Chris Campbell
In the naughts, (2000-), Open Source was groundbreaking, kicking ass and taking names. It went from the 1990's where everyone was told they were crazy to run non-commercial software in a corporate environment to the 2000's where corporations had their own "Open Source Evangelists" - corporations had found the faith - or at least come to the conclusion that there was some money to be made somewhere here with this open source stuff. But where are we today?
Creating USB bootable with parted magic Elmo Recio
For this week's quick tips, Elmo takes a look at issues creating a bootable USB environment with parted.
Quick Tips: Replacing the distro on an Asus EeePC Elmo Recio
Netbooks are all the rage - and about time, I say. I've waited 10 years for something usable on the train during the morning commute. Recently Elmo tried replacing the distro on his EeePC and has some issues. Read on!
Using a Home Server to Learn to Sysadmin: Suse Part 2 Alex Cray
Continuing on with our "So you want to be a Sysadmin" series, Alex covers the essential things that must be addressed post-installation, starting with this week's topic - basic OS backups.
Quick Tips: Encryption, NVidia, and Linux... oh my! Elmo Recio
In this week's quick tips, Elmo reports in on issues with Encryption, NVidia and Fedora Core 13...
Quick Tips : Replacing faulty mirrored (mdraid) drive in Linux Elmo Recio
In this week's quick tips, Elmo shares his pain and at the same time takes us through replacing a faulty mirrored mdraid (software raid) drive in Linux
Quick Tips: Wodim's behavior with Fedora Live CD's Elmo Recio
Elmo's quick tip this week focuses on quirky behavior using Wodim on the Fedora Live CD - Read on!
Using a Home Server to Learn to Sysadmin: Suse, Part 1 Alex Cray
In our "So you want to be a Sysadmin" series, we suggested that a great way for folks that are new to systems administration to learn the trade is for them to set-up a server at home and learn how to install and administrate the most commonly used services. This article starts the series on how to do just this on Suse.
Quick Tips: Serial Console on Fedora / RHEL Elmo Recio
In this week's quick tips, Elmo takes us through setting up the serial console on Fedora and RHEL.
Quick Tips: Find multiple copies of files on your system in Linux Elmo Recio
Elmo starts off the new Quick Tips Series with a way to find find multiple copies of files on your Linux system.
Dell expands Ubuntu Linux desktop offerings link { computerworld.com }
The latest panic in desktop-Linux-land was that Dell would no longer be selling Ubuntu pre-installed on laptops and netbooks. Alas, for those who love drama, it wasn't true. In fact, Dell is expanding its Ubuntu desktop offerings.
Clone your Linux disk with ddrescue link { ghacks.net }
Interested in alternatives for Linux imaging? Look no further - click this link!
Is Linux Just Another Unix Flavor? link { pcworld.com }
An operating system is a kernel, a supporting cast of programs, and a concept. For certain commercial entities, it’s also a marketing campaign, hype and profit. But, is the Linux operating system just another flavor of the Unix operating system? Yes. But, it’s also much more...
Fedora 13: what you need to know link { techradar.com }
Being a rather large distribution (the number of DVD distributions now pales in comparison to single CD variants), Fedora 13 has something for just about every variety of Linux user. With Fedora 13 fresh out of the oven let's see what it has to offer...
Red Hat Deltacloud Joins Apache Software Foundation link { informationweek.com }
Red Hat is mounting a multi-pronged bid to become a larger supplier of cloud computing. One of its key open source projects, Deltacloud.org, which builds a multi-cloud API set, recently moved into the Apache open source incubator.
Linux Mint 9 KDE released link { h-online.com }
The Linux Mint development team have issued the KDE Edition of version 9 of their Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, code named "Isadora".
openSUSE 11.0 hits end of life link { internetnews.com }
The openSUSE 11.0 release debuted in June of 2008 and has since been replaced by more recent releases - with the most recent release being the openSUSE 11.3 release earlier this month...
GNOME 3 not ready yet, release pushed back to 2011 link { arstechnica.com }
The GNOME release team has made the difficult decision to delay the launch of GNOME 3, the next major version of the popular open source desktop environment.
Desktop Linux: When and how to add proprietary software to your desktop Linux link { itworld.com }
There are times when you either want to, or feel forced to, add proprietary programs such as Adobe Flash or Skype or the ability to play proprietary audio and video formats such as MP3 or commercial DVDs to your Linux desktop. Here's how to do it.
Novell opens Linux appliance gallery link { channelregister.co.uk }
Novell is opening up what it calls the SUSE Gallery. Now, whendevelopers create a software appliance using SUSE Studio, they can decide to keep that appliance under wraps in their private account or set it free for others to download and use in the SUSE Gallery.
Novell axes direct commission link { channelweb.co.uk }
In a final push to get closer to the channel, Novell has unveiled a commission structure that only rewards deals involving partners. Will this help Novell, or are they just delaying the inevitable?
The Leading Enterprise Linux Vendors link { earthweb.com }
The conventional wisdom about Linux is that it isn’t owned or created by any one company, but instead a whole group of players that give and take as needed. That said, there are several major companies that are readily identifiable as the biggest corporate sponsors of Linux, who market Linux most directly to enterprises, and who are in many people’s minds synonymous with Linux in both the server and desktop markets...
Is Open Source Safe? link { pcworld.com }
The IT Department where Daniel Toth works won't let him use open source software because they believe it's a security risk. Is it?
Does Linux need to be defrag’d? link { ghacks.net }
Does Linux need to be defrag'd? If so, how is it done? If not, why?
How Linux works link { techradar.com }
New to Linux? Or are you a casual user who wonders exactly what DCOP is, or where your drivers are hidden? If so, read on!
Is Torvalds reducing bloat in Linux 2.6.35 ? link { internetnews.com }
Linus Torvalds has commented in the past that he thought that the Linux kernel was too bloated. To date though, not much (if anything) has been done to combat Linux bloat, but that might just be changing with the upcoming Linux 2.6.35 release...
Native ZFS Port for Linux link { osnews.com }
Want to use ZFS, but not into the whole Sun/Oracle thing? Then this is the news you've been waiting for.
Google Chrome OS Could Shake Up PC Market link { pcworld.com }
Netbook manufacturers are readying Chrome OS-based devices. Acer, for instance, has announced plans to launch a series of Chrome OS netbooks. And other industry leaders, including Asus, HP, and Lenovo, are reportedly developing Chrome OS hardware as well. Read on!
Fedora 13 - Ready to roll link { mybroadband.co.za }
Automatic driver installations, better mobile broadband and the end of PowerPC support can be expected from Fedora 13. . .
Linux kernel 2.6.34 adds scalable Ceph filesystem link { arstechnica.com }
Linus Torvalds announced this week the official release of version 2.6.34 of the Linux kernel. The update introduces two new filesystems and brings a number of other technical improvements and bug fixes. One of the most significant additions is a new cloud filesystem called Ceph. Read on!
Download Linux Mint 9 Isadora link { techie-buzz.com }
The new minty-fresh 'Isadora' version of Linux Mint is ready for download. So, will this one not crash in our VMs? It would be nice...
The Secret Identities of Linux Distributions link { itworld.com }
Here's to you, super-genius sales manager from IBM who thinks that Linux Kernel code is different depending on your distro....
Linux Kernel 2.6.34 Released link { techie-buzz.com }
The new Linux Kernel, version 2.6.34 has a new LogFS file-system file system, a faster networking support on KVM virtualization, updates on Btrfs file-system and many other GPU driver updates...
8 Great Linux Routers, from SOHO to Enterprise link { linuxplanet.com }
Here we're going to take a look at the most popular open source or Linux-based router projects. Now let's get started!
What SHOULD Linux be? link { com.com }
Check out this fascinating editorial about the self-identity of Linux.
Red Hat drops Xen from RHEL link { computerworld.com }
With Wednesday's beta release of its flagship operating system, Red Hat has added a number of new capabilities ... and will also have at least one less feature as well.
Fedora* taps Zarafa open source groupware for 13 link { zdnet.com }
Fedora’s selection of Zarafa as an open source groupware component in Fedora 13 is very interesting. About time - I've been saying that this is sorely needed in RHEL for about 10 years...
Ubuntu Server primed for the bigtime link { theregister.co.uk }
Next Thursday, Canonical will open the internet floodgates and allow end user downloads of Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition, the latest and perhaps most significant release for servers in the British company's six year history.
Fedora 13 beta looks to streamline Linux link { techworld.com.au }
The Red Hat-backed Fedora Linux distribution is preparing its version 13 release with a new beta that aims to simplify the user experience through more automation...
10 Linux rescue tools for recovering Linux, Windows, or Mac machines link { com.com }
From corrupt partition tables to severely infected machines, Linux tools come in handy when the host system won’t boot. But because of the plethora of tools available, it’s sometimes tough to sift through the cruft and find the ones that are usable. This article aims to highlight some of the better tools...
GNU/Linux Distros Silently Drop PowerPC link { osnews.com }
At least two major GNU/Linux distributions have decided to drop PowerPC support; OpenSUSE has dropped support already, and Fedora is going to drop it in Fedora 13.
SUSE Studio is powerful OS instance builder link { businessweek.com }
Novell's SUSE Studio is a Web-based virtual appliance/ISO image creator using SUSE Linux. It has no parallels for building operating systems instances...
How Linux Boots (part 1) - SysV Init link { linuxplanet.com }
When I went for my first RHCE a few years ago, I was shocked by how many folks seemed to not have a full concept of the Linux boot process. Articles such as this one help fill in the gaps - Read on!
Demand grows for SQL and Linux skills link { networkworld.com }
SQL, C#, .NET and Linux are four skill areas that have seen a rising trend in demand, according to a new report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Read on!
Would Linux Be Better Off Without the FSF? link { technewsworld.com }
Suppose the FOSS community wanted to hire a group to serve as its public relations department -- would the Free Software Foundation be right for the job? Responses to that one range from gratitude for defending GPLs and GNU to accusations that it makes the FOSS community look like whiny children.
Open Source, Preferred by 9 Out of 10 Supercomputers | NetworkWorld.com Community link { networkworld.com }
Various flavors of Linux power 85% of the top 500 supercomputers in the world today...
Pardus: A Linux distribution for the end user link { ghacks.net }
Interested in a more user-friendly Linux distribution for your users? Then check out this review of the Turkish distribution, Pardus.
Redirection in Bash link { serverwatch.com }
New to BASH? Then check out this quick tutorial on one of the fundamentals of BASH - redirection.
MontaVista’s Alexander Kaliadin on the instant shutdown of a Linux OS link { edn.com }
Have a look at this interview with Mr. Kaliadin on why instant shutdown and boot times are imperative.
Saving PCs from viruses - the Linux way link { com.com }
Linux allegedly does not get virus' - but it certainly can act as a vector ... or a cleaner ... for systems that do. Check out this how to for safely purging workstation virus' - via Linux
Innovators get Linux to boot in 1 second link { edn.com }
Can't wait to log on? Check out this article about a company who has Linux booting in 1 second.
Why Linux still 'sucks' link { zdnet.com }
Light Friday reading - why Linux still sucks...
Quick and easy pop or imap server with Dovecot link { ghacks.net }
This article will show you how to install Dovecot and get it up and running with either IMAP or POP quickly and with as little pain as possible....
RHEL 5.5 - extra lube for your KVMs link { theregister.co.uk }
Typically, most news involving Red Hat's familiar, free Linux distro Fedora comes from the client software - such as GNOME updates and other desktop tools. But with the new RHEL, the big news lies with improvements to kernel-level software....
Is Linux Ready for 4096 Byte Sector Hard Drives? link { maximumpc.com }
On paper, Linux doesn't seem susceptible to any of the performance pitfalls associated with transitioning from 512-byte to 4096-byte sector hard drives, but is that really the case?
5 operating systems that can set you free link { itvoir.com }
Just in time for Valentine's day, here is a sampler of 5 operating systems that can set you free...
10 Ways that Enterprises use Linux link { daniweb.com }
The right tool for the right job becomes clear in this short article about common ways in which Linux exists in the enterprise.
Linux performance: is Linux becoming just too slow and bloated? link { freesoftwaremagazine.com }
Thought that bloat was proprietary to Microsoft?...Recent events have shown that, in the case of the Linux kernel,performance is dropping slowly yet steadily. How come?
LinuxPlanet - Reviews - Discovering ncurses, the GUI for the Linux Console - ncurses, a GUI for the Linux Console link { linuxplanet.com }
The CLI versus GUI debate is well-known, but sometimes, drawing a hard line between text-only interfaces and graphical interfaces is too restrictive. This is where ncurses comes in..
Is Linux too hard? link { cnet.com }
Check out this light editorial that poses the question 'Is Linux too hard?'. Naturally, anyone who tried getting X configured back in the early 90's will laugh at this and mumble something about 'In my day...'
75% of Linux code now written by paid developers link { apcmag.com }
Forget lofty ideals about the open-source community: most Linux kernel code is written by paid developers at major corporations.
Novell announces SUSE Linux 10 SP3 link { gadget.co.za }
Novell has announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack (SP) 3, offering Workgroup customers that latest fixes, patches and updates issues for the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 platform, as well as support for the latest hardware.
Install Linux, Void Your Netbook's Warranty? link { technewsworld.com }
Check out this interesting account of Best Buy's "Geek Squad". Having had a similar experience over a decade ago myself, I always reimage my computer before bringing it in for hardware issues...
15 game-changing Linux moments of the decade link { techradar.com }
Check out this interesting article that shows the high points for Linux for this past decade. Includes Compiz copping off of 3d Desktop and introducing the eye candy that Linux desktops now enjoy...
Red Hat pulls plug on Itanium with RHEL 6 link { channelregister.co.uk }
The next major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v6) will not provide support for the Itanium architecture; consequently, all Itanium related development will be incorporated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 exclusively.....
Health check: Red Hat Linux link { h-online.com }
10 Windows features I would like to see in Linux link { zdnet.com }
Check out this interesting commentary on the 10 Windows features that the author believes that Linux should have by default.
Drbd is accepted into the linux kernel link { theinquirer.net }
Linux clusters will soon have the option of using the Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) filesystem software. This addition is long awaited and very welcome...
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Clone CentOS Gets Commercial Support link { earthweb.com }
Free, community-driven versions of Linux don't often benefit from commercial enterprise support efforts. For CentOS, that's now about to change. The clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now being commercially supported by services vendor OpenLogic.
Red Hat pitches x64 virtualization with KVM rollout link { channelregister.co.uk }
Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat today got its freestanding, bare-metal Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor, a hardened version of the KVM hypervisor it took control of last summer, to market. That makes Red Hat a player as x64 servers the world over are set for a massive wave of virtualization.
Novell Set to Launch openSUSE 11.2 link { earthweb.com }
Clog the mirrors! Go get your copy now!
Ubuntu Server 9.1 Adds Cloud APIs link { informationweek.com }
Canonical Tuesday started distributing Ubuntu Server 9.1 with Eucalyptus cloud APIs integrated into the package. The APIs can be activated easily from inside Ubuntu with this distribution...
Defragmenting Linux EXT3 Filesystems Using Shake And Defrag link { blogspot.com }
"..everybody says EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems don't need defragmentation and in most cases, that's true! But sometimes they actually do need defragmentation..." Read on!
Fake Google Chrome OS Download Makes the Rounds - Business Center link { pcworld.com }
I guess we'll be waiting little while longer for Chrome OS to surface. In the meantime, beware those rumors and check your sources....
Despite Windows 7, Linux raps harder at company doors link { usatoday.com }
The launch of the Windows 7 computer operating system on Thursday should help Microsoft tighten its grip as the dominant supplier of desktops and laptops to the business world. But that hasn't stopped backers of Linux from plotting a coup...
EU's MySQL inquiry may backfire for open source link { cnet.com }
Read this interesting piece on Open Source and the European Union
Make Linux faster, lighter and more powerful link { techradar.com }
Gone are the days of having enough time to make a cup of tea and drink it in the time it takes your computer's operating system to boot - so you might think that Linux machines are already performing at the fastest possible speed, right? Sadly, this is not always the case.
London Stock Exchange gets the facts and dumps Windows for Linux link { itwire.com }
Right tool for the right job?
Red Hat CEO vs. Torvalds: More Linux features don't equate to bloat link { zdnet.com }
Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst disagreed with Linus Torvalds’ contention that Linux has become bloated. Stating that the bloat will come when features are added that no one wants. So bloated is ok, as long as you like the bloat? Read on!
Free Linux, Proprietary Linux link { computerworld.com }
Linux's heart is open source. But, developers can pick and choose how much, if any, proprietary software they want to include in their distribution. Free Linux? Proprietary Linux? Read on!
Red Hat releases Satellite 5.3 with Cobbler engine link { techtarget.com }
Red Hat Inc. released Satellite 5.3, the latest version of its provisioning, management and installation platform, powered by Cobbler, an open source universal boot server and back-end engine.
Top 5 Features of New Red Hat Linux link { pcworld.com }
Interested in checking Red Hat 5.4? First check out this review of the top 4 features!
Get Notifications from Your Scripts with notify-send link { linuxjournal.com }
Piping to mail not working for you? Need to be notified when an event has occurred? Check out the Tech Tip from Linux Journal on using notify-send.
Red Hat outlines roadmap for RHEL 5.4 link { techtarget.com }
Red Hat Inc. kicked off its Red Hat Summit by outlining the roadmap for its flagship Linux operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4. Read on!
SCO Will Try Again link { linuxjournal.com }
Following the on-going saga of SCO vs. Linux? Read On.
Linux backers rally against microsoft patents link { theinquirer.net }
Such big names as IBM, Red Hat and Sony are meeting to avert legal threats that might discourage the adoption of Linux. The plan? Buying up a set of 22 patents formerly owned by Microsoft - Read On!
Using Top More Efficiently link { linuxforums.org }
"For desktop users, monitoring resource usage is an important task. By doing this, we can locate system bottleneck, planning what to do to optimize our system, identifying memory leak and so on. The problem is, which software one should use and how to use it according to our need." Check out this article on using top.
If Linux ruled the world how secure would it be? link { zdnet.com }
The question occurs because of this story from ZDNet's Joris Evans, posted yesterday. It's about two security alerts on Kerberos, the wildly popular network authentication protocol...
SCO bullish despite email revelations - ZDNet UK News link { zdnet.co.uk }
The SCO group has denied that an internal email has undermined its case against IBM that Linux contains copyrighted Unix code. Meanwhile, the tech world enters it's third year of waiting for SCO to produce any evidince at all . . .
The Michael Davidson Email - SCO v. IBM link { groklaw.net }
Check out the August 13, 2002 Michael Davidson email to Reg Broughton, who forwarded it to Darl McBride....
Open Source: Management and Interoperability link { serverwatch.com }
Choosing between commercial and open source software options often presents a chicken-and-egg scenario. If an organization has already invested in an application infrastructure, that alone may provide the necessary inertia favoring one direction or another when choosing future products....
Linux is a PGA Tour winner link { newsforge.com }
"The PGA Tour, a membership group of professional golfers that is not affiliated with the Professional Golfer's Association, is making extensive use of Linux in its interactive Web site PGAtour.com and its real-time game tracking program, TOURcast. Because Linux has worked so well for them, they have had no qualms about migrating to Red Hat for their internal mail systems and intranet."
Network Installation of Windows Printers from Samba link { linuxdevcenter.com }
"The combination of Samba and CUPS makes network printing on a mixed Linux/Windows LAN easier than ever. You can share Linux printers with Windows clients, and Windows printers with Linux clients. A Linux/Samba/CUPS printer server is reliable and reasonably simple to set up and maintain."
True Stories of Knoppix Rescues link { linuxdevcenter.com }
Kyle Rankin, author of Knoppix Hacks relates some interesting tales of system rescue using the Knoppix bootable Linux CD. Don't have our own Knoppix Live CD? Download it here!
Sandia National Laboratories - Supercomputer Code Released link { sandia.gov }
A computer program that enables a collection of off-the-shelf desktop computers to rank among the world’s fastest supercomputers has been released to the public by Sandia National Laboratories. The program, called Cplant™ system software, dramatically extends the capability of researchers to modularly assemble large blocks of off-the-shelf computer components.
RPMs from freshrpms.net link { freshrpms.net }
Just a plug for freshrpms.net - a great place to find an RPM for the flavor of the month distro when you don't want to compile and install that pesky app you just must have. And while we're at it if you don't know about rpmfind.net then check that out too!
Migrate your apps from OS/2 to Linux: Part 1. Threads, mutexes, and semaphores link { ibm.com }
Linux is evolving as the predominant operating system of the new millennium, and legacy OSes such as OS/2® are being gradually phased out. This series of articles helps the developers involved in the tedious process of migrating/porting the OS/2 system drivers and applications to Linux.
Have a Bash With This Linux Shell - Bashing About link { linuxplanet.com }
New to Linux command line? Check out this tutorial on using Bash.
Linux Security on the Ropes link { newsfactor.com }
"If you were grading the two, Linux would get a higher score," but it is not as if Linux would get an "A" and Windows would earn an "F." Read on!
Mandrake Linux 9.2 AMD64 Release link { pcburn.com }
For those of you expecting a rundown of all the features in Mandrake 9.2 or a large number of screenshots, this is probably not the right article for you. However, if you have an AMD64 box and are looking to install a Linux distribution on it this just might help you make a decision on what or what not to install.
Linux beefs up standards link { smh.com.au }
Red Hat corporate Linux distributors will next month introduce their Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication course to Australia. By all accounts, the skills it seeks to impart, in conjunction with others in the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) program, are going to be in increasing demand. . . Read on!
DOS Emulation on Linux link { preshweb.co.uk }
Need to run DOS? Whether you need to run some legacy corporate application, or just want to play some of those old classic DOS games, it's easy to get going. . . Check it out!
SCO Sues Novell link { linuxworld.com }
The SCO Group today filed suit against Novell for what is called in legal circles slander of title for disparaging SCO's ownership of Unix. I'm waiting until I get to post "SCO sues city of Santa Cruz, California, for slander of title".
Linux's other file sharing software link { linuxworld.com.au }
SANs enable disk storage to be shared amongst different server clients but each server only sees its own part of the SAN. The files or database records on the SAN are not shared between server clients. (That's typically done through a NAS.) The Red Hat Inc. purchase of Sistina Software Inc. gives Red Hat ownership of a product to provide file sharing off a SAN using a clustered or global file system (GFS).
Red Hat Linux to gain security stamp of approval link { net-security.org }
Red Hat is pushing to have its commercial Enterprise Linux software certified under the Common Criteria (CC) Scheme worldwide, and has anticipated the OS solution will gain accreditation by the end of this year.
Red Hat sews up Linux for hobbyists link { com.com }
More information on the Red Hat EOL and Fedora Core release today.
System Rescue Cd link { sysresccd.org }
Need partition imaging software like Ghost? Or how about a Partion editor like Partition Magic? Then check out this project. The SystemRescueCd is a linux system on a bootable cdrom for repairing your system and your data after a crash. It also aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk. Just boot from the cdrom, and you can do everything!
Review: Vector Linux 4.0 link { pcburn.com }
Vector Linux is a Slackware derived distribution promising simplified installation and slimmed down default software. Take a look at what it has to offer in this review!
Open Source Everywhere link { wired.com }
Software is just the beginning … open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces the corporation.
Samba Team announces the first official release of Samba 3.0 link { samba.org }
The first official, stable release of the Samba 3.0 code base has been posted on samba.org for download. Have Fun.
Migrating Windows Servers to Samba link { systemtoolbox.com }
This PDF writeup... by an IBMer... compares Windows servers to Samba-provided services, details some Samba scenarios and talks about migrating services to zSeries systems for consolidation. (Other material in the http://linuxvm.org/present/ webpage, while focused on mainframe-resident Penguins, should be informative to the general population.)
Add users from Excel file? Chris Campbell
A System Toolbox reader has asked about importing users from an Excel file. Check out this article for a basic introduction to writing a loop in a bash shell script.
Hackers cut off SCO Web site link { com.com }
Well, it's not really news, but - HA!
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0: Beta Test Drive link { eweek.com }
Red Hat Inc. is nearing the second release in its line of Linux distributions geared specifically for the enterprise, and the new offering builds upon Red Hat's server room strengths while emerging as a strong candidate for desktop deployment.
SCO plans court attack on Linux GPL link { com.com }
SCO will argue that the GPL's provisions allowing unlimited copying and modification are not compatible with US copyright law, which allows software buyers to make only a single copy. SCO says the GPL "is pre-empted by copyright law". . .
Samba 3: Linux File Serving for the Active Directory Generation link { enterpriseitplanet.com }
Do you want cheap Windows file/print services for your network? If your answer to that question was, "Yes!" your best way to this goal was to use the Samba file/print server on Linux. - This article is definately an opinion piece, but it offers a great overview of Samba 3's capabilities.
Joining the Cult of Linux link { newsfactor.com }
"People want stuff that conforms to standards or is similar to what they already have, nobody wants some 'open-source' thing by Joe Blow. Enterprises who have 5,000 or 10,000 users don't want that stuff." - Check out this interesting opinion on the diminishing role of Open Source in Linux.
IBM claims anti-Linux conspiracy link { zdnet.co.uk }
An IBM executive told delegates at an Australian conference that a 'set of forces' was attempting to derail Linux - including, but not limited to, Microsoft and SCO . . .
Rogue Linux Installs on the Rise link { computerworld.com }
Virus mop-up operations expose unauthorized Linux installations -- and new IT security vulnerabilities.
SCO unveils Linux licensing scheme link { itworld.com }
SCO's charge: US $699 per processor. The license, called the SCO Intellectual Property License for Linux, lets Linux users run SCO's intellectual property in binary form only. "It gives you a license to run the software only. You can't view the source, and you can't contribute it to an open-source product for everyone's use," Stowell said. SCO has still neglected to provide any proof of the 'tainted code'.
Red Hat files suit against SCO link { com.com }
Red Hat escalated the legal war over Linux on Monday by announcing it has filed suit against the SCO Group. The seven-count suit seeks, among other things, a declaratory judgment that Red Hat has not violated SCO's copyrights or trade secrets.
Open Source In The Enterprise link { processor.com }
It seems just about everyone who claims that Linux and open source are not ready for the enterprise has his own enterprise product set to sell you. . . Check out Russ Pavlicek's fascinating take on where Open Source fits into the Enterprise computing environment.
SCO execs cash in on suit spotlight link { com.com }
Senior SCO Group executives have been dumping their personal holdings in the company since June, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings have revealed. Martha Stewart unavailable for comment.
Gartner: SCO Licenses Would Hurt Linux Market link { thewhir.com }
According to Gartner, if SCO is able to pressure enterprises to purchase licenses or delay uptake of Linux, the consequences would include revitalization of Unix and Microsoft, total cost of ownership for Red Hat and SuSE increasing, IBM having to defend Linux and AIX, independent software vendors delaying purchases and investments in Linux, Sun revitalizing its marketing of Solaris. The company also said Dell's push in to the high end market would slow.
IBM launches Linux counterattack on SCO link { zdnet.co.uk }
IBM has launched a counterstrike against SCO Group's attack on Linux users, arguing that SCO's demands for Unix licence payments are undermined by its earlier shipment of an open-source Linux product.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 beta up for grabs link { theregister.co.uk }
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 beta - aka Taroon - is available in two forms -- the AS version for servers and the WS version for workstations. The server version has support for quite a few processors, including Intel's 32bit and 64bit chips, AMD's x86-64bit Opteron, and IBM's Power processor.
Red Hat Linux 9.0.93 Beta Available link { redhat.com }
Go! Download! Crowd the mirrors - we already have our copy. ;)
Here's how Linux gets to the desktop link { zdnet.com }
The new open source frontier is now moving toward the front lines of the enterprise. We are in an era of network-centric computing, and Microsoft's hegemony and pricing structures are being seriously questioned. . . Read On!
Burning CDs on Linux link { ibm.com }
IBM's developerWorks provides an article on .iso files and what to do with them. "Linux offers powerful, flexible tools for creating CDs. You can create disks that are readable on almost any platform and create .iso files for download and distribution."
Administer Linux on the fly link { ibm.com }
"The /proc filesystem is one of Linux's great features, and this article gives you a thorough grounding in some of its most useful aspects. With it, you can administer many details of the operating system without ever having to shut down and reboot the machine, which is a boon for those who need to keep their systems as available as possible."
Suspect bad memory? link { memtest86.com }
Bad memory? Try Memtest86. "Memtest86 is thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. BIOS based memory tests are only a quick check and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86."
Dell may join HP in Linux laptop drive link { com.com }
Demand for the Linux notebook launched in Thailand last week has been so high that other companies may have to be brought in, according to the daily newspaper Bangkok Post. I wonder if this "Laptops for the people" program counts towards Linux Market share. . .
Linux kernel team accused of copyright violations link { smh.com.au }
In March, SCO filed a case against IBM alleging that Big Blue made concentrated efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of Unix. Now, SCO says that the generic Linux kernel has code within it that violates the intellectual property rights of The SCO Group. Hmmm. Is this anything but a pathetic attempt to gain revenue? If the Linux Kernel has this copywritten code, how come SCO (who has sold it's own version of Linux for years) did not notice until now?
Microsoft trains staff in Linux and Java link { vnunet.com }
Microsoft is training around 140 of its consultants in Linux and Java, acknowledging the growing threat posed by these rival technologies.
Red Hat, Fujitsu To 'Build Out' Enterprise Linux link { internetnews.com }
Red Hat and IT hardware-provider Fujitsu are expanding their collaboration on open-source operating systems, in a partnership agreement that could help Linux win over more hearts and minds of IT executives mulling Linux for mission-critical applications.
Linux/OSS support link { techtarget.com }
For eight years, John H. Terpstra has provided free technical support to Samba users almost every day. Often, Terpstra -- cofounder of the Samba Team -- answers users' queries for as much six hours a day. From 1996 to 1999, Terpstra and his Samba Team cohorts handled 30,000 inquiries. Such generosity seems suspect in our capitalist society. What's the catch? Well, there is no catch, Terpstra said. Free support for Linux and open-source software (OSS) is available and, with rare exceptions, excellent. In this series of articles, SearchEnterpriseLinux.com takes a look at free support options for Linux and OSS. This article will delve into the reasons why corporations are leery of free support. Following stories will cover the pros and cons of Linux/OSS support as well as step-by-step guides to getting support . .
Goodbye z/OS? Your Next Big Unix Box Might Be a Linux Mainframe link { earthweb.com }
In what one IBM-watcher calls a 'dramatic change' in IBM's thinking, Big Blue is now starting to push mainframes that run Linux -- and only Linux.
Red Hat Linux 9 Technical Changes link { gurulabs.com }
Refering to the latest Red Hat release, "A systems administrator needs an in-depth review that covers — relative to the previous release, architectural & behavioral changes, installer changes, and changes to included software packages." Enjoy.
SuSE First With Linux Server OS for Opteron link { eweek.com }
SuSE Linux A.G. has beaten enterprise competitor Red Hat Inc. to the draw and on Tuesday will announce the availability of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD 64, the first enterprise-ready Linux server operating system for the new AMD Opteron processor to be launched at an event in New York today.
Dell Feels Linux Customer Demand link { linuxplanet.com }
Dell's stance on Linux may be comming around: "A Dell customer panel indicated that momentum for Linux could be starting to outweigh attachment to Windows and other OS among Dell's customer base."
Interview with Matt Wilson of Red Hat, Inc. link { osnews.com }
Click on for an interview with Matt Wilson of Red Hat for details about Red Hat 9 for you reading pleasure.
Three Reviews of Mandrake Linux 9.1 link { linuxtoday.com }
Just as the title suggests, here are three reviews of Mandrake 9.1. Enjoy!
Samba flaw threatens Linux file servers link { com.com }
The Samba Team released a patch on Monday for the second major security flaw found in the past few weeks in the open-source group's widely used program for sharing Windows files between Unix and Linux systems. The security problem could easily let an attacker compromise any Samba server connected to the Internet. The vulnerability is unrelated to the previous flaw, for which Samba released a patch on March 17.
As Good as It Gets for Linux link { osopinion.com }
Check out this opinion piece on why Linux is doomed. Sigh. If only it were true! All the projects I hear about anymore are "migrating the NT domains to Linux so the passwords can synchronize" or "migrate the email server to linux to save from the associated costs of exchange." How easy life would be if all we had to do was patch the OS's instead of migrating!
Linux triples retail market share link { zdnet.co.uk }
The number of computerised cash registers using the Linux operating system grew by 185 percent in 2002, according to a study released on Wednesday, but Linux still has only 4 percent of the overall market.
Red Hat: Step Carefully link { oreillynet.com }
This is a short opinion piece, but it does make some valid points on some of Red Hat's recent policy changes. . .
Red Hat Linux 9 Forces Reliability Gamble link { eweek.com }
"Release early and often" is an open-source mantra, but it has anything but a calming effect on enterprise IT administrators. Case in point is Red Hat Linux 9, the first update of the product since Version 8 was released just last September. (A good example is that Red Hat 8 *just* got supported by Dell, and now it's already time for Red Hat 9.)
First Look At SuSE Linux 8.2 link { madpenguin.org }
Into Suse? Check out their lastest release. They've made a ton of improvements - but the question still remains: "Ist Hälfte der Unterlagen Stille auf Deutsch?"
Linux firms look to plug Samba hole link { com.com }
The open-source community is pushing customers to patch their systems to close a hole in a software component that allows Windows programs to store and retrieve files on Linux and Unix servers.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux link { redhat.com }
Sigh. Another company embraces the theory that "If we change the name, we can charge more!"
Oracle backs up United Linux link { com.com }
Oracle lent UnitedLinux a hand in its turf battle with Linux leader Red Hat. The database heavyweight announced that it would provide technical support to customers who are using open-source software from UnitedLinux, a consortium of second-tier Linux companies.
Red Hat sees no threat in UnitedLinux link { zdnet.co.uk }
Red Hat chief executive Matthew Szulik explains how the Linux distributor plans to go it alone, and why there is no point in joining the UnitedLinux effort.
Hosted Windows Apps Coming Online with Linux link { internetnews.com }
Codeweavers, and Tarantella are looking to up the ante by aiming their products at Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server. Read on!
Oracle and Red Hat work on securing Linux link { pcw.co.uk }
Oracle is working with Red Hat to gain an internationally recognised Linux security certification, hoping to woo security conscious public sector customers.
Creating Your Own CA link { onlamp.com }
Tired of paying a King's Ransom for official certificates? Especially for non-public websites? Check out this how-to on how to generate self-made certificates!
Is Linux Certification Worth It? link { osopinion.com }
Just a few years ago, Any employer seeking an admin with Linux experience had to wade through scads of would-be applicants who thought that installing Linux on their home PC made them qualified. Now, lack of certification is no longer a problem, although making a decision as to which certification to persue may be.
Linux Report: The Year in Review link { eweek.com }
Eweek: By 2007, we said one year ago, "No one will be fired for recommending Linux." Shortening our own timeline by four years, we suggest that an IT buyer might already be fired today for failing to consider Linux. . .
IBM: Linux is the 'logical successor' link { com.com }
While IBM doesn't expect Linux to replace its own AIX version of Unix any time soon, Big Blue is pushing the open-source OS in the that direction....
Fred Langa : Linux Has Bugs: Get Over It link { informationweek.com }
Informationweek Writer Fred Langa compares Linux (Particularly RedHat and all of the associated projects that come on the CD's) to Windows XP. Matching the number of security patches for Red Hat (which includes DNS, Web, Database, LDAP Servers, etc.) vs. just an OS isn't exactly equitable - I'd be interested to see a more accurate contrast...
Penguins Take On Titans link { fortune.com }
How do you stop an army of penguins? That isn't a question from a South Pole scientist's bad dream. But it is a question Sun Microsystems and Microsoft are asking. Not exactly news, but it's interesting to see Fortune magazine's take on things.
SuSE cushions MS Office for Linux link { pcpro.co.uk }
Well, the feedback we've gotten about Suse's Email Server 3 has been that it's a disaster. Feedback about Suse's support is worse. But, some of Suse's new products do sound interesting. If you've been put off by Suse, perhaps give it another try? Well, the article is worth a read, at the very least.
Ellison bets on Lindows link { business-standard.com }
“Lindows may not succeed, but it’s at least possible. Even if Lindows comes close to success, the product could beget the massive transition that Microsoft perpetually fears. . ” Hmmm, Well, I'm a bit more sceptical, but - read on and decide for yourself!
IBM Introducing Linux Mainframe In A Box link { internetwk.com }
IBM plans to introduce new Linux tools for devices from the handheld to the mainframe, including a pre-configured and tested Linux on mainframe installation, and Lotus Notes client software for Linux.
Linux on government servers link { zdnet.com }
Several national governments (Singapore, Taiwan, and Germany) have stated their intent to move their server architectures to Linux. China and India are developing policies to foster Linux within their countries. Free is good - but what about 'the right tool for the right job'?
Linux TCO edge: Lower labor costs link { zdnet.com }
The question of whether Linux's total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than that of Windows or other operating systems has inspired many fierce debates. On initial review, the answer seems simple. Linux's low- or no-cost license fees should drive down the TCO....But the debate is just not that simple. Read On!
IP Security Validator link { ibm.com }
IBM's alphaWorks has another cool tool. IP Security Validator is an experimental tool that allows validation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) configurations between two network interfaces. As with testing connectivity using the Ping program, IP Security Validator enables verification and validation of VPN configurations and their connectivity.
Linux: Indian Government seen creating monopoly link { indiatimes.com }
"The last temptation is the greatest treason: To do the right thing for the wrong reason." - T.S. Elliot

Is one monopoly better than another? Can something that is "Free" also be "Forced"? Read this Indian site coverage of their goverment's mandate to use Linux.
Journaling File Systems link { linux-mag.com }
For the past several years, Ext2 has been the de facto file system for most Linux machines. However, as Linux displaces Unix and other operating systems in more and more large server and computing environments, Ext2 is being pushed to its limits. Fortunately, a number of other Linux file systems take up where Ext2 leaves off. . .Check out this tour of the Linux Journalling file systems
Linux, Inc. A Survey on Open Source Software link { dravis.net }
Linux and open source software are changing the agendas of technology providers and users alike. Interest is global and, in some countries, the discussion of open source versus proprietary software has entered into the realm of political debate. Fueling confusion is a technology industry coming to terms with the implications of open source software, along with competitive rhetoric . . Read this interesting report by "The Dravis Group" (PDF)
Curing corporate Linux phobia link { com.com }
Four years ago, Dan Frye convinced IBM's management it would be smart to jump on the Linux bandwagon--a wise suggestion. Not only did that decision afford Big Blue a hipper image, but it also helped the company open doors that otherwise might have remained shut. A soft-spoken man with a doctorate in atomic physics, he now finds himself a spokesman for open source inside the world's biggest computer company.
IBM debuts new Linux-only server link { com.com }
IBM's pSeries machines already are available with Linux but have also required AIX, IBM's version of Unix. Now, as expected, Big Blue has modified Linux sufficiently that its p630 servers will start up without AIX.
Why Red Hat Owns Linux link { osopinion.com }
Check out this interesting opinion piece on why Red Hat is one of the most dominant Linux distributions.
MS exec rattles sabre, suggests Linux could infringe patents link { theregister.co.uk }
The CEO of Microsoft Israel has played the FUD card against Linux, raising doubts about the provenance of the intellectual property in the software, and advising potential customers to seek indemnification from the supplier in the event of patent infringement.
Red Hat to use Oracle's cluster software link { cw360.com }
Red Hat is to include Oracle's Cluster File System (OCFS) in future releases of Red Hat Advanced Server. Adding this technology, which can make numerous servers run as one, could give Red Hat a boost in data centres and attract new types of customers.
Red Hat 8.0: Past the Hype and Under the Hood - Evaluating Red Hat Beyond Uncle Ralph and Aunt Faye link { linuxplanet.com }
Reviewers like to evaulate Linux distros for the mythical Uncle Ralph and Aunt Faye, the prototypical clueless technophobes. Can Aunty and Uncle, who still rub sticks together to make fire, install and run Linux? Let's get real. Computers are complex machines for performing complex tasks. There is always a learning curve. No one sits down to any PC--not Mac, not Windows, none of them--starting from zero knowledge, and is instantly productive.
Analysts join Microsoft on Linux cost warning link { arnnet.com.au }
"Although Linux itself is nominally free, its support and maintenance are not, and the OS is only about 3 per cent of total solution costs in enterprise applications." - Notably they're just discussing Linux, not Open Source projects as a whole. Nevertheless, many OSS projects have such poor documentation and unintuitive administration tools that this very well could be a general statement. . .
SuSE to run Windows on Linux link { com.com }
Suse to introduce Suse version that uses CodeWeavers CrossOver Office 1.2 for running Windows applications. Well, this doesn't impress us, but perhaps some of you will find this interesting. . .
Torvalds: Linux 2.6 gets formal link { com.com }
The next version of the heart of the Linux operating system is expected by June, project founder and leader Linus Torvalds predicted on Thursday.
Support is major Linux worry link { zdnet.co.uk }
Open source tools are becoming more common in large businesses, but analysts say that a perceived lack of service and support options could hold back growth. . . Answer this: When was the last time you called Microsoft for help? Regardless of OS, support is the same - "How much do you want to pay today?"
Police your network traffic with IPTraf link { zdnet.co.uk }
Don't be turned off by its "Novell-like" interface, this network monitoring tool is pretty slick. This article walks you through it.
Is Linux taking over the enterprise? link { zdnet.com.au }
If so, Kirk's not gonna be happy. Seriously though, is it me or is the news the same thing all the time? It's either Microsoft exploits, articles like "Is Linux taking over the enterprise"? or "Is Solaris (and/or OS/X) going to be on x86?". Novell, if you want a market share, make some news! Migrate to RISC or something - just get some new headlines!
Red Hat release Red Hat 8.0 link { redhat.com }
Red Hat and it's mirror sites are jam packed as eager users download the newest version. Does Red Hat make good on it's "Desktop" buzz? Download and find out for yourself - if you can.
Honeymoon over for Linux users link { vnunet.com }
Check out this interesting editorial on how Linux actually has more security 'bugs' than Microsoft. It would be nice to have a little more data (severity of bugs, resolution response time, and clarity of "Linux vs. Microsoft software". Does "Linux" mean all 100+ distributions or just the commercial ones? Or just the Kernel? Which Microsoft software? Although vague, this still raises some interesting points.
United Linux Open Beta to be released today link { internetwk.com }
The United Linux Cabal is supposively going to be releasing the first open beta today. If you feel like registering, download the beta from http://www.unitedlinux.com/ and judge for yourself if it lives up to the hype.
Red Hat 8.0 To Launch This Month With Enhanced Linux Desktop link { crn.com }
As Sun Microsystems prepares to debut its next Sun ONE Desktop on Linux later this week, Linux leader Red Hat plans to show a more aggressive desktop bid with Red Hat Linux 8.0.

Not to be outdone, Mandrake 9.0 is getting close to production as well.

Assessing the risks of open source link { zdnet.com }
By 2003, the use of open-source software will become a standard part of all organizations utilizing Java, with a high number already using the Apache Web server (60 percent of active sites). If you're not already using Open Source, you may want consider it - but you want to review the potential pitfalls first. Read On!
United Linux announces preview, Red Hat announces partnerships link { vnunet.com }
UnitedLinux is designed to be a "standards-based version" of the open source operating system based on SuSE Linux, with contributions from the the other consortium partners: Turbolinux, Conectiva and the SCO Group. This project is intended to bring these 'smaller' distributions with Red Hat, the current Linux heavyweight. - Meanwhile, Red Hat has teamed up with IBM to push their "Advanced Server' and has also joined forces with HP and Intel for their new 'Linux Workstation' initiative.
Linux.Slapper.Worm link { symantec.com }
Not wanting to be one-upped by Microsoft's "New Exploit of the Day" pattern for the last week or so, Linux has a worm! Oh, yeah, the work only effects Linux running on Intel too. Either way, if you're potentially vulnerable, then don't delay - patch now!
Red Hat Linux guns for the desktop link { itweek.co.uk }
Interested in rolling Linux out on the Desktop? In some cases, this may actually be a very good solution for your users - and now Red Hat will be developing with Corporate Users in mind. Now why didn't anyone think of customizing for the Corporate Workstation before?

VPN Overview: Linux Solutions, Part 1, Packaged Options Chris Campbell
We kick off our new series on VPN solutions for a couple different platforms with part 1 on packaged Linux options. Read on!
The state of enterprise Linux link { zdnet.com }
"Through 2007, the Linux market will surpass $9 billion in revenue . . ." Not bad for something that's free, eh? Check out this piece on Linux in the Enterprise Marketplace.
Easily Compile and Configure Samba link { linuxhelpnetwork.net }
Jason writes: "Easily learn how to setup filesharing in linux using samba. Just read this great tutorial title Easily Compile and Configure Samba. It will touch base on how to compile samba, create your own configuration file, how to secure your samba server, and how to activate swat. "
It's Reality Check Time for Lindows link { linuxtoday.com }
Desktop Support isn't a direct topic typically on System Toolbox, but this article has some very good points for any admins who may be considering rolling Lindows out on their network. . .
Red Hat the Next Mircrosoft? link { zdnet.com }
A rather bold (or perhaps ridiculous?) question you might say, but the editorial makes some good points and does a decent job of describing Red Hat's activities and customers these days. We'll let you be the judge.
Daemon Monitoring Daemons for Linux link { oreillynet.com }
A very informitive article about daemon monitoring daemon software (DMD) available that makes remote administration easier. The next article in the remote administration series sounds like a good one as well.
Wine and Roses: Codeweaver's Office Alex Pearsall
We didn't believe it either; Alex reviews Codeweaver's office and the pretty impressive things that it can do.
Some Projects for Linux We're Working On Brad Wasson
In addition to providing insightful material and links to tools and articles on system administration the folks at Systemtoolbox have been working on some projects that might interest you.
Red Hat 7.3 Released link { redhat.com }
Red Hat shop? Check out the newest version of this popular distribution. (If you can get through.)
The Simple "Do-it-yourself" Open Source Email Server Chris Campbell
System Toolbox has been covering the email server options in the Open-Source arena. The product reviews are complete at this point*, so we're moving on to the "Do-it-yourself" option. This article covers the 'moving parts' in an email server and sets the stage for a new project that staff here at System Toolbox has begun...
Red Hat Unveils Linux Advanced Server for Enterprise link { osopinion.com }
There's been a buzz around Red Hat shops lately about this new Enterprise version of the OS, which promises higher degrees of failover - even for CIFS servers. Read On!
Mandrake Update Robot link { icewalk.com }
If you're a sysadmin with a decent Mandrake rollout, this automated updated tool may be for you - check it out! (Thanks to "Scott" for submitting the Link!)
Suse Email Server III Chris Campbell
After eagerly awaiting it's release, the System Toolbox techies got to take Suse Email Server III through it's paces - and the results may surprise you.
Linux World Expo; The end of the World as we know it. Alex Cray

This year's Linux World Expo (NY) clearly showed the effects of the changing technology sector. The New York show has traditionally been the more corporate of the Linux World Expositions (in deference to the California show), but this year showed more in the way of a corporate presence without the benefits that the large corporations brought in the past.

"Catching up with..." Redmond Linux (Lycoris) Chris Campbell
Redmond Linux (recently renamed to Lycoris Desktop/LX) has been diligently preparing linux for the average desktop user. "Lindows" seems to be drawing attention but Lycoris may be closer to hitting the mark. Read On....
Quick Start Guide to Amanda Elmo Recio
What happens if you get 8 new Linux machines, and your boss wants you to back them up A.S.A.P.? What happens if the NT folks will not share their tape backup machine? What happens if you have a server running Oracle, and the vendor for live database backup software tells you Linux is not supported? What happens if you have an AIX box without any GNU tools, that needs to get backed up ASAP!? Read on...
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part VII Chris Campbell
System Toolbox continues the Windows NT to Linux Series with Basic Administration, Part 7: Routing. This article covers using the older ipfwadm - Ipchains and Iptables to come. . .
Installing Oracle on RedHat 7.0 and Up Elmo Recio
Many Linux Administrators have had issues installing Oracle on new Red Hat versions, so Elmo has broken down what it takes for us. - Read on!
Introduction to Networking, Part 2: Protocols and Applications Chris Campbell
Some of our newbie readers have asked for some direction on setting up their first network, so we dusted off this introduction to networking. Enjoy part 2.
Suse Email Server II Chris Campbell
System Toolbox Continues it's Open Source Email Option reviews with Suse's Email Server II.
Introduction to Networking, Part 1: Physical Media Chris Campbell
Some of our newbie readers have asked for some direction on setting up their first network, so we dusted off this introduction to networking. Enjoy.
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part VI Chris Campbell
Chris continues the Linux and Windows NT Basic administration series with information about TCP/IP services. . .
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part V Chris Campbell
System Toolbox will be continuing the Windows NT to Linux Series so we're posting the previous articles as a refresher.
Migrating Penguins Chris Campbell
Can't we all just get along? No? Well then, in the meantime, Chris Campbell suggests more of a strategic approach to Linux migration.
Webmin - Web Administration Tool Chris Campbell
Could it be that Unix Administration has become easier than Windows NT or Novell? Well, "easy" is entirely subjective, but with the Webmin project - well, the Windows NT and Novell Administration tools could learn a thing or two. . .
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part IV Chris Campbell
System Toolbox continues posting the Windows NT to Linux Series in anticipation of continuing the series...
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part III Chris Campbell
System Toolbox will be continuing the Windows NT to Linux Series so we're posting the previous articles as a refresher.
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part II Chris Campbell
System Toolbox continues posting the Windows NT to Linux Series in anticipation of continuing the series...
Linux and Windows NT 4.0: Basic Administration - Part I Chris Campbell
System Toolbox will be continuing the Windows NT to Linux Series so we're posting the previous articles as a refresher.



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