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Quick Tips - Websphere connection failures Elmo Recio
Check out Elmo's latest detailing issues with Websphere connections...
Quick Tips: Ignoring Fields in Subversion Elmo Recio
In this quick tip, Elmo shows how to ignore unwanted fields with your friendly neighborhood subversion CVS.
Quick Tips: Eclipse Helios fails to load Elmo Recio
Check out this weeks' quick tips where Elmo takes a look at an eclipse issue.
Quick Tips: Fedora x86_64 and Android ADT issues! Elmo Recio
In this weeks' quick tips, Elmo takes us through resolving some issues with compiling Android ADT on Fedora 64-bit.
Quick Tips: Strange Linker error compiling gstm Elmo Recio
Seeing strange errors compiling gstm? Elmo may have a solution in this week's quick tip...
Quick Tips: Websphere Portlet Factory Errors starting up WAS CE Elmo Recio
Using the Websphere Portlet Factory? Recieving Errors? Elmo may be able to help...
Quick Tips: CakePHP's temp directory Elmo Recio
Using CakePHP? Check out this quick tip for fixing temp directory permissions.
Quick Tips: Padding issues in Java Script Elmo Recio
Elmo offers up another quick tip to fix an issue - this time for padding in javascript!
TDS (IBM Ldap) fails to create db Elmo Recio
Using Tivoli Directory Server? Having an issue creating a DB. In this quick tip, Elmo offers a solution...
Techies vs Gearheads - where's the difference? Ian R. Campbell
In this interesting new article, Ian takes a look at IT vs. Auto Mechanics and makes some startling discoveries. Read On!
Phishing Prevention Chris Campbell
Phishing relies on a combination of malicious tools and ignorant users to gain access to system resources. In this article, we look at some ways for IT to handle phishing. Naturally, if the users didn't fall for these fakes, it wouldn't be an issue, but since we can't change people, here are some technical workarounds.
Quick Tips: Backing Up Remote Websites Elmo Recio
For this week's quick tip, Elmo takes a look at doing quick backups of co-located websites.
Quick tips: TAMeb (WebSEAL) Installation Problems running amwebcfg Elmo Recio
This week on quick tips, Elmo shares some difficulties he's seen with an ipv6 requirement for WebSEAL. If you're using TAMeb, you may want to get up to speed on this issue...
Quick Tips: PHP Request Headers Elmo Recio
In this article, Elmo takes us through using non-standard request headers in PHP.
Quick Tips: Importing VirtualBox's RPM Key Elmo Recio
In this quick tip, Elmo tell us how to work out issues with Importing VirtualBox's RPM Key.
So, you want to be a SysAdmin? Part 4 Chris Campbell
In this final article in the series for new systems administrators, we're going to take a look at project management as it pertains to role of a system administrator
Email: The Bane of Systems Administration Alex Cray
Alex looks at the woes of supporting a mail system and why Email is the bane of systems administration. Read on!
Quick Tips : Fun with SSHFS Elmo Recio
For this week's quick tips, Elmo takes us through some quick fun stuff with SSHFS
The News in Review Chris Campbell
It's time again for the news in review. Read on for the latest in systems administration and IT news!
So, you want to be a SysAdmin? Part 3 Chris Campbell
With this next article in our series, we are going to continue to look at the new environment and take the next steps to resolve any issues that the review uncovers.
The News in Review Chris Campbell
Check out the news in review for the week ending 8/27/2010.
So, you want to be a SysAdmin? Part 2 Chris Campbell
In part 2 of our series about becoming a Systems Administrator, we look at handling inventory, accessing organization concerns and dealing with existing support staff.
This weeks news in review Chris Campbell
As part of our on-going efforts to provide better content to our systemtoolbox readers, we are experimenting with a new way to deliver the news. Check out the news in review for the week starting 8/15/2010.
So, you want to be a SysAdmin? Chris Campbell
Tired of the helpdesk job? Sick of answering phones? Decided that dark secrets of the system administrators in the back room are alluring? Or, stuck needing to be a system administrator, but not sure where to start?
Changes Coming to System Toolbox: Chris Campbell
With high humidity and long stretches of 100+ degree heat (at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere), it's a good time to be a systems administrator with access to a nice cool data center - well, provided that your Data Center CRAC units are up to the job. It's also a good time here at Systemtoolbox.com - read on for details.
How to set up a mini-grid link { hypergridbusiness.com }
Interested in playing with grid computing? Then read on!
Foremay ships world’s largest 2TB SSD link { myce.com }
Interested in solid state drives, but underwhelmed with the size available? Check out this news brief about the newly released 2TB SSD from Foremay. Now, if only someone would so something about the huge price for SSDs...
IBM's Next-Gen 'System of Systems' Mainframe link { ecommercetimes.com }
For years, IBM's competitors and naysayers have been persistently predicting the mainframe's demise - but don't count out IBM's zEnterprise any time soon.
A $35 Tablet Computer? link { datacenterjournal.com }
The recent unveiling in India of a prototype tablet computer that could cost as little as $35 may signal a greater cloud-computing presence in the consumer market as well. The device, if delivered, would be a much-lower-cost alternative to Apple’s popular tablet computer, the iPad.
Hardware Spending to Lead the IT Recovery link { itjungle.com }
With so much bad news in the economy for so long, everyone is looking for a little good news. Well, the server business is perking up, and if you think server spending is a leading indicator of IT spending and that IT spending is now a key component of all capital spending and therefore a pretty good indicator of how the economies of the world are doing, then maybe the Great Recession is receding...
Windows, Mac, or Linux: It's Not the OS, It's the User link { pcworld.com }
Who's got the safest operating system? Apple, Google, Microsoft? According to one security expert, what really matters is who's using the OS...
What is data science? link { oreilly.com }
Check out this fascinating O'Reilly article on modern data processing and statistical efforts...
Android rootkit is just a phone call away link { computerworld.com }
As often mentioned here on STB, the smart-phones are the wave of the future for malicious activities, such as botnets. This article covers an effort by security researchers to understand what a new generation of mobile malware could resemble by developing their own "rootkit" for Google's Android phone...
Zero Day Attack Targets Adobe link { informationweek.com }
Adobe on Friday released a security advisory warning of a vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, and Acrobat on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. At least iPhones are safe...
Google curtails Windows use as it ramps up Chrome OS link { usatoday.com }
It's big news in the past week that Google is dropping Windows internally due to security concerns. This article postulates that the motives may not be as simple...
Offering z/OS on x86 would help IBM expand into small business market link { techtarget.com }
Check out this interesting opinion piece about the feasibility of IBM introducing 'mini' mainframes. Small Iron, eh?
The last six months saw an increase in password stealing link { scmagazineuk.com }
Predictions of an increase in attacks on social networks by password-stealing Trojans this year have been confirmed.
Seagate says 3TB drive requires 64-bit OS link { tgdaily.com }
Seagate has confirmed plans to release a 3TB hard disk drive later this year. However, the 3TB drive will only be recognized by 64-bit operating systems, such as Windows 7, Vista and Linux .
You don't need hacking skills to be a cyber criminal link { gcn.com }
Are you digitally challenged? Don’t know a byte from a bit? Have a limited command of Unix? Don’t worry: With a new generation of professionally packaged exploit kits, you, too, can become a successful cyber criminal.
Could OS/2 come back from the grave? link { computerworld.com }
Check out this rant about OS/2 failure to catch on as a viable OS. If for nothing else, it's an interesting history piece as most of this played out Fifteen years ago...
Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 review link { v3.co.uk }
Looking for a backup for a SMB? Then check out this review of Acronis...
IBM Expands Power 7 Line to Entry-Level and Mid-Range Blade Servers link { serverwatch.com }
IBM has added three new blade systems based on its new Power 7 processor and targeted at a wide range of applications, since they're capable of starting as single-socket entry-level blade systems and scaling up to a multi-socket, many-core system.
How to switch your small or home office to Free Open Source Software link { techradar.com }
Hurting from Tax Day? Check out these free OSS applications...
Server Load Balancing: Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore link { technewsworld.com }
New to Load Balancing? Then check out this article on how you can benefit from this technology. If you're familiar with Load Balancing, then this article is probably a bit general - but interesting.
Intel's Xeon 7500 Processors Are a Game Changer link { ecommercetimes.com }
During the past decade, the evolution of good enough solutions has become increasingly deadly for enterprise servers. Compute processes once clearly defined by Unix systems, including high-performance and supercomputing, have shifted almost entirely to x86. Vertical markets dominated by Unix-centric vendors like Sun Microsystems -- telcos and financial services are good examples -- are increasingly populated by x86 enthusiasts...
Henry Edward Roberts Dead: Early Computer Developer Dies At 68 link { huffingtonpost.com }
Dr. Henry Edward Roberts, a developer of the Altair personal computer, the computer that arguably started the path to modern computing (and inspired Bill Gates to found Microsoft), died Thursday in Georgia. He was 68.
Latest Commodore 64 incarnation hopes what's old is new again link { zdnet.com }
The latest licensing of the Commodore name is for an updated version of its legendary 64 computer, which takes the form of an all-in-one system packed into a keyboard form factor....
IBM Hit With Antitrust Complaint link { informationweek.com }
A developer of mainframe emulation software has slapped IBM with an antitrust complaint in Europe, claiming the tech giant is stifling competition in the market for big iron business computers.
Free software's second era: The rise and fall of MySQL link { h-online.com }
If the first era of free software was about the creation of the fully-rounded GNU/Linux operating system, the second saw a generation of key enterprise applications being written to run on that foundation. Things got moving with the emergence and rapid adoption of the LAMP stack...
Four trends shape the New Data Center link { networkworld.com }
Thanks to x86 server virtualization and its follow-on technologies, the state-of-the-art enterprise data center looks vastly different than it did even a year ago....
Google releases web security scanner link { h-online.com }
Google has released an open source scanner that allows web application developers to test their applications for security holes. The application, called Skipfish, offers a similar functionality to that of tools such as Nmap or Nessus, but it's said to be much faster...
Cloud Computing: Analyzing Business Expectations link { cioinsight.com }
Business people are riding high on the promise--and hype--cloud computing offers.
How the Google-China conflict could hit open source link { zdnet.com }
The continuing conflict between Google and China, which may be a proxy for deeper conflicts over economics and values, could easily impact open source - because Google has become the U.S. company most identified with open source development.
SAN in a rack with no network... link { theregister.co.uk }
LSI is announcing a 6Gbit/s SAS switch that enables servers in a rack to share direct-attached storage, turning DAS into a rack SAN....
The Energizer DUO Trojan: What You Need to Know link { pcworld.com }
The Energizer Bunny keeps going and going, but he picked up a nasty Trojan along the way. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security discovered that Energizer's Duo USB charger left Windows computers open to remote control, thanks to a back door in the product's battery monitoring software. Here's what you need to know....
IT Contractors Hit Hardest by Recession link { crystalumbrella.com }
The recession has had a detrimental effect on recruitment in the UK but new research conducted by ReThink Recruitment found that IT contractors were actually hit harder than anyone else, particularly as contractor rate reduction programs were commonplace throughout 2009.
Alleged controllers of 'Mariposa' botnet arrested in Spain link { guardian.co.uk }
Spanish investigators have arrested three alleged ringleaders of the so-called "Mariposa" botnet, which had infected and controlled up to 12.7m PCs, including more than 500 of the US Fortune 1,000 companies and more than 40 major banks.
Top 5 Operating Systems for Netbooks link { notebooks.com }
Interested in Netbooks? Interested in your OS options? Then this article might, well, interest you.
High performance for the masses link { theregister.co.uk }
Interested in HPC? This article reports a number of surprising statistics on the perception of various OS' and their role with HPC.
IT Careers: Retire? How about never link { news.idg.no }
There are many reasons to leave IT. This article poses a number of reasons why you might want to reconsider.
Vulnerability in Samba provides access to files link { h-online.com }
A vulnerability in the creation of symbolic links (symlinks) in the free Samba file and printer server can be exploited to attain access to files outside of predefined paths. Attackers can even get access to the system's root directory (/). Running Samba? Then I would read this article...
Addonics pocket-sized NAS adapter doubles speeds on gigabit networks link { mobilemag.com }
Although redundancy doesn't seem to come into play here, this little adapter looks like an interesting option for homes or maybe even small office networks...
iSCSI opportunities and market growth link { infostor.com }
New to ISCSi? Check out this summary of what the technology offers.
Makara's do-it-yourself platform cloud link { theregister.co.uk }
Like Google App Engine. Without the Google. Have a look.
Google drops clues on more document-centric Chrome OS for tablets link { betanews.com }
Since the development of X, software designers have been intrigued by the concept of a document-centric computing environment....
SSD could replace hard disk drives, Hitachi CTO says link { itworldcanada.com }
The speeds of spinning disks keeps increasing, but they're not keeping up with servers. Solid state disks are very expensive now, but if their costs drop enough they could replace hard drives
Most popular online passwords revealed link { mybroadband.co.za }
Check out the most popular passwords on-line. 12345...sounds like what I use for my luggage...
IT disaster recovery statistics point to purchasing of more data backup tools link { techtarget.com }
Check out this interesting article on the trends in Disaster Recovery...
The Naked Mainframe link { forbes.com }
Don't be so sure your mainframe is safe and secure....
Run IT as a business -- why that's a train wreck waiting to happen link { infoworld.com }
They call the standard model "best practice." When they're in a different mood, they also call desktop lockdown a best practice, leaving you to figure out how it is that you tell your customers what they can and can't do....Read this great article on why everything they say is wrong...
Does the Fourth Amendment cover 'the cloud'? link { cnet.com }
Check out this interesting article about cloud computing and the legality of data stored therein.
The most insecure part of your network is... link { itworld.com }
I was recently reminded while troubleshooting a friend's small business network of where most computer systems' real security weaknesses lie. Where do you think it is? The desktop operating system, which was Windows XP SP3? The server operating systems, which were Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Novell's SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) 11 SP1? Or, the Sonicwall TZ 210 firewall appliance? Read on!
Google vs. Microsoft -- You Say You Want a Revolution link { serverwatch.com }
Google has been making public its aspirations for Chrome OS in the past few days. Reading between the lines, it's pretty clear that it hopes to replace Microsoft as the chief supplier of enterprise desktop operating systems in the coming decade....
Top 2010 Predictions in Systems Management link { sys-con.com }
These predictions aren't quite as sordid as the National Enquirer ... or as substantiated ... but make for interesting food for thought nonetheless.
How to: The Unix Interview link { itworld.com }
Although based on UNIX, the take away from this article is applicable to interviewing for any system administrator position. Read on!
VMware buying Zimbra open source messaging business link { networkworld.com }
Company officials said that VMware has acquired all the intellectual property associated with Zimbra, an open source messaging platform popular on the Linux and Mac OS platforms and with universities and service providers.
How Nexus One Will Change The Apple, Linux Game link { katonda.com }
Check out this interesting article on the Nexus one vs. the iPhone. What I'd really like to know is which one can pass the Voigt-Kampff test...
Good Guys Bring Down the Mega-D Botnet link { yahoo.com }
For two years, a researcher with security company FireEye, studied the Mega-D botnet. Last June, he began publishing his findings online and in November, he suddenly switched from de­­fense to offense. And Mega-D--a powerful, resilient botnet that had forced 250,000 PCs to do its bidding--went down. Read On!
Dell Strikes Back at Cisco and H-P with Data Center Plan link { wsj.com }
Dell announced new products and outlined its vision for selling technology for corporate data centers on Thursday. Sounds interesting, but neither this article nor the Dell website is offering many details...
Ten years after doomsday link { bbc.co.uk }
Check out this great article on the Millennium Bug. Apocalypse? No. But, things have still been pretty much downhill ever since...
VirtualBox 3.1.0 for Linux Brings Teleportation Feature - And many other interesting improvements link { softpedia.com }
Sun Microsystems proudly announced on the last day of November that its popular virtualization software, VirtualBox, reached version 3.1.0. This major update brings lots of new features, many bugfixes and improvements over previous 3.0.x versions. The big and breathtaking news is that users are now able to migrate live virtual machine sessions, from one system to another. This feature is called "Teleportation" or "Live Migration."
How thin is thin in clients? link { cnet.com }
More and more of our computing happens through applications and Web sites out in the network. It's in the "cloud" to use the current trendy lingo.
Eurocom unveils portable server link { theinquirer.net }
Pc Maker EUROCOM has taken the wraps off its latest high-end notebook, which it touts as a mobile desktop or server....
Gartner Says Server Replacement Not the Answer link { channelinsider.com }
Data centers are facing huge problems with power, space and people that will only worsen in 2010, but Gartner says server replacement is not the answer, which is bad news for vendors...
Less than an OS, less than free link { zdnet.co.uk }
Check out this interesting opinion piece on Chrome.
Google's Chrome May Shift the OS Landscape link { pcworld.com }
Google is providing a sneak peak at the Chrome OS today. Maybe the Google Midas touch can succeed where decades of Apple and Linux have failed--denting Microsoft’s OS dominance...
FAA Computer Problem Causes Widespread Flight Delays link { wsj.com }
Thought your last outage was bad?
Cisco Inbox to Integrate E-Mail, Enterprise Social Networking Tools link { eweek.com }
Cisco unveilled several new solutions at its Cisco Collaboration Summit, notably Cisco WebEx Mail hosted email and enterprise social networking tools. The network is the computer?
Linux jobs outpacing Windows; virtualization is 'hot' link { techtarget.com }
Looking for a new job? Check out this fascinating article about what employers are looking for at this time...
Is Today the Internet's 40th Birthday? link { go.com }
While the actual date of the Internet's birthday is somewhat debated, many say that the Internet was born 40 years ago today at the University of California, Los Angeles, when a computer to computer message was sent for the first time from the UCLA campus to Stanford....
Power Drain: 15% of Servers Go Unused link { businessweek.com }
IT departments around the world are wasting money supporting millions of servers that are not doing any useful work, and could make significant savings by decommissioning the hardware instead, it has been claimed. ... Server administrators point out that only 15% of non-IT employees do any useful work, so it sort of balances out....
Budget cuts could increase server failures link { computerworld.com }
Despite an improving economy, companies aren't moving quickly replace servers, PCs and printers, which will likely cause an increase in failure rates over the next two years, according to Gartner Inc....
House Kisses Mainframe Goodbye link { nextgov.com }
On Friday, the House of Representatives decommissioned its last mainframe. Maybe now they can fix that glitch with the unconstitutional Public Law 62-5 and find the missing 9,700 other members of congress.
Disney, Verizon go green in the data center link { computerworld.com }
Interested in going 'green' in the data center? Have a look at what Disney and Verizon are up to!
IBM faces DOJ antitrust inquiry on mainframes link { networkworld.com }
IBM is facing an antitrust inquiry from the U.S. Department of Justice for recent actions the company has taken in the mainframe computer market...
Outages Plague Google link { searchnewz.com }
Every time Google has an outage the press immediately jumps on the idea that somehow cloud computing itself is to blame. . . Check out this editorial about blame in the cloud.
Dell to acquire Perot Systems for $3.9 billion link { cnn.com }
Use Dell hardware? Expect a sales visit coming soon to tell you all about Dell's new offerings in the service industry...
Seagate To Ship 6 Gb/s SATA Disk Drives link { informationweek.com }
Seagate is now shipping a hard disk drive featuring the SATA 6 Gb per second interface, twice the maximum data rate of the previous technology....
Intel Antitrust Allegations Detailed link { informationweek.com }
The European Commission released specifics on deals Intel allegedly made with Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and NEC that resulted in a record $1.45 billion fine.
HP Sued For Server Failure link { informationweek.com }
HP Sued For Server Failure - What's next, System Administrators sued for malpractice?
The unspoken truth about managing geeks link { computerworld.com }
Do you manage an IT staff? If so, you may be interested in checking out this opinion piece.
Review of Zoho Projects: Project Management Tool link { smallbiztrends.com }
Planning your next large roll out or data center migration and Microsoft Project isn't your thing? Check out this review of Zoho Projects - maybe it will fit the bill.
Gmail outage caused by overloaded servers link { infoworld.com }
Google will spend the next two weeks making changes and improving reliability to keep the Gmail problem from happening again.
NSA-Intercepted E-Mails Helped Convict Would-Be Bombers link { wired.com }
The three men convicted of a plot to bomb several transcontinental flights were prosecuted in part using e-mail intercepted by the U.S. National Security Agency. Who is watching the watchmen?
Startups Go Wireless for Data Center Energy Management link { reuters.com }
The first step in any data center efficiency project is to figure out the problem. And one of the chief ways that startups are addressing the green data center market is to help data center operators fill this energy blind spot with wireless technology.
IT shops rank servers on downtime link { theregister.co.uk }
Server vendors make a lot of noise about how reliable their systems are, but how do they really stack up? Check out this interesting article on a recent reliability study!
Yahoo claims their 2-petabyte database is world's biggest link { computerworld.com }
Yahoo Inc.'s 2-petabyte, specially built data warehouse is used to analyze the behavior of its half-billion Web visitors per month. Its based on a heavily modified PostgreSQL engine. The year-old database processes 24 billion events a day.
Visualize your data with gnuplot link { ibm.com }
"Turn your data and functions into professional-looking graphs with Gnuplot 4.0, a freely distributed plotting tool. In this article, get a hands-on guide to gnuplot that emphasizes the idioms you'll need to use this tool effectively."
Interesting Facts About Domain Names link { yafla.com }
A great summary along with many statistics on registered domain names. Everything you wanted to know and more about what is available and what is not (mostly not). An interesting read, check it out to find out what the most common letter to start a domain is.
Multiple live CDs in one DVD link { linux.com }
Live CDs do a great job of advertising Linux distributions. In addition to general-purpose live CD distributions, there are lots of task-oriented live CDs. Wouldn't it be great if you could carry multiple live CDs on one DVD disc? Nautopia.net has put up a script that you can use to make a custom DVD to boot multiple live CDs.
Google Master Plan link { oreilly.com }
For those of you who were nervous upon seeing the detailed pictures of your house in "Google Earth", you can continue your paranioa here with the "Google Master Plan"...
How much does a security breach actually cost? link { theregister.com }
How much does a security breach actually "cost," and who pays for it? When the breach involves personal information, like credit card data, the answer is, a lot more than you may think. The problem is that the people who "pay" for the cost of the breach are rarely the ones responsible for preventing the breach.
Report: Computer hijacking on the rise link { zdnet.com }
Personal computers that play unwitting host to "zombie" code are proliferating at a startling pace, according to a new report.
Sender ID Gets Notice link { internetnews.com }
he solution for stamping out e-mail-based scams may never be complete, but as evidenced at the E-mail Authentication Implementation Summit 2005 on Tuesday, insiders appear more resolved than ever to work together towards that goal. Read on!
Stop reading and have some Tea link { blogspot.com }
It's tea time. Take a break and enjoy some Chai. The server will still be hopelessly broken when you get back
AMD reveals 64-bit Sempron prices link { digitimes.com }
AMD has released prices of its Sempron processors, including the 64-bit lineups featuring the Socket-754 architecture. Read on!
The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1 - From 1995 To 2005: 111 CPUs From 100 MHz To 3800 MHz link { tomshardware.com }
Forget about the thousands of magazine articles and forum discussions on CPU performance. It's all here now in black and white: here they offer you 3,300 benchmarks for CPUs since 1995!
Iomega offers three new tri-interface hard drives link { macworld.com }
Iomega Corp. on Tuesday introduced three new triple-interface models of its External Hard Drive. The new drives feature FireWire 800 along with USB 2.0 and FireWire 400. Iomega is still around?
Spam in the Wild, The Sequel link { nwfusion.com }
Network world has looked at a number of anti-spam options and published an excellent article with the results. Maybe next time they could have a look at the quality of customer service with these vendors as well though....
An Introduction to LDAP link { onlamp.com }
If you aren't on the LDAP bandwagon, this article will bring you up to speed on the technology and this article will give some of the gory details.
Ten tips for managing a successful Web redesign link { computerworld.com }
Charged with redesiging the company's website? Or does the web group in your organization fail to do anything other than use oxygen? For some interesting tips on successfully redesigning your website, read on!
Top 75 Network Security Tools link { insecure.org }
Concerned about security? Well, you should be! Check out Insecure.org's Top 75 Network tooks to see what is available to aid you in securing your network.
Quickie application based VPNs. Chris Horn
Do you need a full-blown VPN for your remote users, or just a quick tunnel? Chorn lays down the law on encrypted access on the go. Read on!
Intel unveils new Centrino, still lags in WiFi race link { computerworld.co.nz }
ntel has introduced the third version of its Centrino WiFi chip set, but it still runs at least a generation behind competitors whose products offer more features . . .
Introduction to System Administration link { . }
This is essential reading for ANY new System Administrators. This tutorial is on the Red Hat site, but it seperates Red Hat specific information from the meat of the document. Red Hat information aside, this an excellent guide to the philosophies and practices of system adminsitration!
E-Mail--Hideously Unreliable link { informationweek.com }
Check out this opinion piece that proports that email is not delivered 40% of the time. This sort of thing has popped up before and it has always been human error. Right, rFed Lnaga?
MySQL Crash Course, Part 2 link { onlamp.com }
OnLamp continues their MySQL Crash Course in Part 2. Read On!
MySQL Crash Course link { onlamp.com }
Check out this informative crash course on using MySQL.
Throw That GUI Out the Door: Console Applications That Shine link { osnews.com }
With the right applications, ditching the GUI and using the console exclusively can be a pleasure. By knowing which console applications will suit your needs the best you can achieve efficiency in a console environment that rivals that of a GUI...
Comodo Reports Fastest SSL Growth link { thewhir.com }
Considering Comodo SSL, but unsure about going with a 'less-known' CA? Then it may interest you to read this article. . .
Analyst Reaction to EMC's VMware Bid Mixed link { internetnews.com }
When EMC announced its intent to purchase VMware two weeks ago, many technology analysts greeted the news with praise while their Wall Street counterparts balked, citing a lack of synergy between server virtualization and EMC's core competency, storage. . . With the capacity that EMC can provide and the hardware virtualization . . . EMC could sell a datacenter in a box! What's not to love about that?
Power Macintosh Dual G5 versus Dual Opteron link { barefeats.com }
After 4 months of begging, Xicomputer finally let me test a Dual 2GHz Opteron system. There's been a lot of interest from readers regarding the Opteron since it's the only other 64 bit desktop computer besides the G5. Since they both are clocked at 2GHz.....
Berners-Lee to be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth link { cpureview.com }
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), will be made a Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth. This was announced earlier today by Buckingham Palace as part of the 2004 New Year's Honours list. Congratulations Sir Timothy!
Linux Hardware Reviews and Gaming link { pcburn.com }
Merry Christmas! Still looking for a distraction for your friendly neighborhood Sysadmin? Check out PCBurn's review of Dominions II by Illwinter Games!
Role Fragmentation - "Why IT Administrators Have Become All-Powerful Demi-Gods" link { softwarereality.com }
Check out this interesting editorial on why roles in IT have fragmented and why it is bad. (Consider the flipside - if your SysAdmin is also your lead coder and a server goes down the same time a major project is due, what do you do?)
New chip gets the speed of light! link { ciol.com }
An Israeli start-up has developed a processor that uses optics instead of silicon, enabling it to compute at the speed of light, the company said. . .
Microsoft Free in 2003? link { eu.int }
The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines provide practical and detailed recommendations on how to migrate to Open Source Software (OSS)-based office applications, calendaring, e-mail and other standard applications. This is, at the very least, an interesting read.
Center for Internet Security Updates Security Benchmarks link { cisecurity.org }
The ICS has updated security benchmarks for a number of OS's and applications. Be safe, be secure - check it out!
New law would require computer security audits, status reports - Computerworld link { computerworld.com }
New legislation being drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives, which could be introduced as early as next week, would require all publicly traded companies to conduct independent computer security assessments and report the results yearly in their annual reports. Makes sense to me - there are workplace environment standards -why not have digital workplace standards? And as a plus, this promises for more work in the IT sector as standard compliance becomes a requirement. . .
Student faces suit over key to CD locks link { com.com }
SunnComm Technologies, a developer of CD antipiracy technology, said Thursday that it will likely sue a Princeton student who early this week showed how to evade the company's copy protection by pushing a computer's Shift key. Yeah. The student is REALLY the issue here - not the fact that SunnComm didn't bother to make sure that their product could be over-ridden with such a trivial procedure.
Pentium V will launch with 64-bit Windows Elements link { theinquirer.net }
The Pentium V is likely to fly along at between 5GHz to 7GHz, have 2MB plus of level two cache, be built on a 90 nanometer process, and have a stackable design with a module sitting on top could provide 64-bit extensions. The timing of this news leak has nothing at all to do with AMD's release of 64-bit chips. Of course not.
Sun exec: Open-source is irrelevant link { computerworld.com }
Open standards matter far more. Read it for yourself!
Hollywood, police thyself... link { oreillynet.com }
In today's New York Times they have an article pointing a finger at the true culprit for spreading movies via the P2P networks, the studios themselves. . .
Secretary Ridge Announces the Creation of New Computer Emergency Response Center for Cyber Security link { dhs.gov }
For when domestic facism in the real world isn't enough, HomeSec has moved to the Internet! Sigh. If the world is going to be like 1984, when do I get my free 'Victory Gin'?
Microsoft settles Be suit for $23 million link { com.com }
Microsoft announced that it will pay more than $23 million to settle an antitrust suit filed by onetime operating system rival Be. Microsoft did not admit wrongdoing in the settlement, in which Be will receive $23.2 million after attorneys' fees.
OpenOffice trails MS Office in vulnerabilities link { newsforge.com }
This week Microsoft Office once again affirmed its leadership in the office software world by releasing news of five security holes. OpenOffice.org, the primary open source competitor to MS Office, has no vulnerabilities to report. And OpenOffice developers say they have no plans to introduce Microsoft-competitive vulnerabilities. . .
Symantec coughs up latest virus remedy link { com.com }
Symantec took the wraps off its upcoming Norton Antivirus 2004, pitching the updated security software as an antidote to complex viruses such as the MSBlast worm. - I'm waiting until we found out that Symantec folks have been writing the virus' all along. ;)
Who's minding the Net? link { com.com }
"First, the Internet got invaded by a killer computer worm. Then, the power grid went on the blink. What's next--Martians land in New Jersey?" Living across the river from Camden, I can tell you that any Martian's landing over there would get jacked, right quick. In any case, check out this interesting take on recent events. . .
IBM Opteron server gets down to work link { com.com }
IBM's newest eServer, an Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron machine, will debut as part of a new computing cluster that will rank among the top ten high-performing computers in the world.
Security pros talk, but can they walk? link { com.com }
The past two weeks have been typical of the current state of Internet security: Industry and government leaders say they're focused on improving security while flaws continue to be found and exploited. . .
Lawmaker wants limits to spyware link { com.com }
The Safeguard Against Privacy Invasions Act would require companies using spyware to get permission from computer users before installing the software on their machines.
EMC to double capacity link { com.com }
EMC is expected to announce a new Symmetrix DMX storage device that doubles the current maximum capacity of 42 terabytes. Also expected, are new data-replication software and iSCSI support for the Symmetrix. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, an inept IT director named "Chunkasaurus Rex" wants to pay Dell a half million for a measly 3 tera. It's a sad world. . .
Transmeta and AMD plot new launches link { infomaticsonline.co.uk }
PC chips due in the next few weeks will give a boost to laptops as well as workstation and server systems. Transmeta has announced that in September it will launch the successor to its Crusoe range of chips that are power-optimised for mobile products.
Oracle sees future in grids link { infomaticsonline.co.uk }
Oracle will plug into grid computing with the next release of its database software in September. . .
Hidden Costs of In-house IT High link { thewhir.com }
Companies that choose to run their IT operations in-house are “throwing excessive resources down an IT black hole” by failing to recognize the hidden costs of their actions, according to research conducted by PSINet. Hmmmm, Maybe if more companies spent money and paid for experience technical staff where they should instead of going with the cheapest applicant . . . oh, nevermind.
Check your database connection's physical status link { com.com }
Check out this short article on checking database functionality - useful when the DBA and System Administrator group are trying to troubleshoot.
Servers at risk from hacking contest link { nzoom.com }
Patched? If not, now might be a good time . . .
Cultured Perl: One-liners 102 link { ibm.com }
Check out this article on Perl one-liners. Fun for the whole family, Perl gurus and newbies alike (ok maybe not newbies). My favorite is, "ls | perl -ne 'chop; printf "mv $_ %s\n", ucfirst $_;'". Also be sure to check out Perl One-liners 101.
IM's bursting--say goodbye to e-mail link { com.com }
The number of people using instant messaging (IM) software at work is set soar over the next few years, as part of a wider boom that will see more than a trillion IMs sent worldwide each day by 2006, according to the latest research.
EMC Scales Down Clariion link { ziffdavis.com }
For entry-level customers on tight budgets, EMC Corp.'s Clariion CX200 storage system is now available without the standard redundancy features, officials said this week. . .
News: Sun opens up Java process link { com.com }
Sun said Thursday that the managing board of the Java Community Process (JCP) has advised changes that will allow external groups to view planned enhancements to new Java specifications and submit feedback before they are finalized. The JCP is the set of procedures by which companies submit and collaborate on improvements to the specifications, or base blueprints, for Java software.
News: Citrix plans Linux due to Windows' fears link { com.com }
Citrix has outlined plans to develop a Linux version of one of its key security products--because customers believe that using Windows servers for access systems exposes them to too many security risks.
IBM To Launch New T-Rex Mainframe link { ecommercetimes.com }
In an effort to keep the mainframe alive in an era dominated by smaller servers, IBM is set to release its next offering, the z990, nicknamed "T-Rex." Wow! Mainframes really are dinosaurs!
AMD ships Athlon XP 3200+ link { theregister.co.uk }
AMD has launched the long-awaited Athlon XP 3200+ desktop processor. Based on the Barton core, the new chip is AMD's first to officially support a 400MHz frontside bus.
Glitch found in servers based on Intel Itanium 2 link { silicon.com }
Intel disclosed an electrical problem on Monday that it says can cause computers using its flagship Itanium 2 processor to behave erratically or crash.
IBM's Unix servers ready on demand link { theregister.co.uk }
Along with a faster Power4 chip, IBM has extended its pay as you go pricing model for the chips and will even let users test out the new purchasing model for free. With its capacity-on-demand tool, users can purchase extra processor power in small increments to keep up with periods of high demand. . .
AMD Unveils New Processor for Servers, Workstations link { thewhir.com }
Advanced Micro Devices has announced the availability of the AMD Athlon MP processor 2800+ for one and two-way servers and workstations running 32-bit applications for enterprises.
US Defence pulls open source funding link { zdnet.com.au }
The unused portion of a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to fund development of the open-source operating system OpenBSD has been pulled for unspecified reasons. The project's leader, Theo de Raadt, believes the cancellation was prompted by antiwar statements that de Raadt made to reporters.

"In the U.S., today, free speech is just a myth," de Raadt said.

de Raadt is lucky he's not a U.S. citizen or he could have been arrested as well.

HIPAA legislates good business practices link { techtarget.com }
Health care organizations must be compliant with the privacy portion of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) today. But as one health care IT manager said, all the government has done is legislated good business practices.

(But, wait! Since you can copyright everything, down to DNA itself, HIPAA would force the encrypted transmission of copywritten data! That's against the DMCA!)

AMD and The Moment of Truth link { eweek.com }
This week, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will unveil its most important product since the company was launched in 1969, according to CEO Hector Ruiz. For the first time in years, AMD is launching a product that takes a clearly different path from its overarching competitor: Intel Corp. The AMD Opteron processor and the AMD64 class of chips it represents will be marketed as a bridge between 32-bit and 64-bit processors. AMD will claim that the Opteron is the only processor compatible with older x86 applications yet possessing the horsepower to migrate up to 64-bit, high-end, corporate solutions
64-bit computing Dell to cut 64-bit costs link { cw360.com }
Dell's plan to launch Itanium-based products running the Linux operating system later this year could knock nearly a third off the cost of 64-bit servers within the following 12 months, experts have predicted.
Arkeia Review link { unixreview.com }
Backups remain one of the most mundane tasks in the systems administrator's list of duties. For the most part, there's nothing exciting about the process and the excitement that does occasionally follow (restoring that lost file) is something we would all like to avoid. Nevertheless, backups are an absolute necessity. Having a reliable process that makes it easy to recover lost information is the only way to make friends when the inevitable happens. After all, it isn't a question of whether you backed up, but whether you can restore. With an ultra-modern graphical user interface, Arkeia looks like it is capable of far more than mere backups . . .
Open source versus open standards link { com.com }
Check out this intriguing article on why "Open Source" does not necessarily mean "Open Standards"
Tool: Offline IP-Locate link { datamation.com }
Curious where that script kiddie is that has been portscanning your servers? Check out this software that matches back IP to country. . .
StarOffice beta hits the ground running link { itnews.com.au }
OpenOffice.org and Sun Microsystems announced beta releases of upcoming versions of the OfficeOffice.org 1.1 and StarOffice 6.1 office productivity suites, respectively, that the organizations hope provide enterprises with the features they need to drop Microsoft Office.
IBM Shows Off Two-Petabyte Storage Controller link { linuxtoday.com }
IBM demonstrated the result of more than three years' development this week when it unveiled its TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) at its Hursley Park, UK laboratories.
Don't underestimate the importance of passwords in your Web apps link { com.com }
Sure, passwords alone can?t secure your Web-based system. But you can still take measures to make them more effective. For one thing, you can build in some functionality that forces your users to adopt strong passwords. You can also carefully consider where you store those passwords and take advantage of encryption classes to protect them.
The Liberty Alliance link { xml.com }
More and more, the pieces of our identity are scattered across those companies and institutions with which we interact with online. Creating a federated identity infrastructure is the key to correcting this situation. Making this happen is what the Liberty Alliance Project is all about.
Does Security Mean Sacrificing Privacy? link { pcworld.com }
Given the backdrop of war, tightened national security, and new legislation aimed at expanding government powers, the discussions and debates due to take place at the 13th Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy in New York this week promises to be lively. . .

Yeah, I'm sure that the government knowing what books I buy is really going to help them catch terrorists. Sigh. Orwell's 1984 was a good read and all, but who wants to live it? I thought the "Choose your own Adventure" books were just a fad. . .

Use a Firewall, Go to Jail link { freedom-to-tinker.com }
Current laws extendind the DMCA are proposed that make the use of firewalls and NAT illegal. Is it me, or are things just getting out of hand with this DMCA stuff? Isn't a little hipocritical for the government to pass laws such as HIPAA that require firewalls, encrytped email, etc. and then to enact laws that make those very things illegal?
New Sendmail vulnerability gives root or allows DOS link { securitynewsportal.com }
there is a vulnerability in Sendmail versions 8.12.8 and prior. The address parser performs insufficient bounds checking in certain conditions due to a char to int conversion, making it possible for an attacker to take control of the application. This problem is not related to the recent ISS vulnerability announcement. The impact is believed to be a root compromise.
Does Dell have an Achilles' heel? link { com.com }
In a sluggish PC market, the Round Rock, Texas, computer company is miles ahead of the pack. Where global PC shipments only rose by 2.7 percent in 2002, according to research firm Gartner, Dell reported a 21 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the fourth quarter. What is Dell doing right?
The Dell Machine link { it-analysis.com }
According to the statistics Dell is the market leader in the desktop market, the notebook market and the workstation market. This article takes a brief look at why. . .
Applications: License To Waste link { internet.com }
Customer relationship management solutions are gathering dust! Check out this interesting Gartner study. (This, of course, comes as no surprise over here - I know places that are still trying to rollout shelfware they purchased 5 years ago!_
Sun's Liberty gets US government backing link { zdnet.co.uk }
The US General Services Administration and the Department of Defense on Wednesday announced that they will join the Liberty Alliance Project, which aims to standardise Web authentication.
EMC and Hitachi settle patent fight link { cw360.com }
Storage rivals EMC and Hitachi have agreed to settle a year-old patent-infringement legal fight dealing with data replication and migration.
RackSaver sharpens blades with AMD link { com.com }
RackSaver, will unveil Opteron-based rack servers April 22, the same day the chip comes out, as well as Opteron blades that slide into the company's blade server system. . .
Army Taps RSA Security link { line56.com }
Army authentication methods take a new twist. I wonder when these methodologies will be mandated for private networks under laws such as HIPAA?
ISC confirms BIND vulnerabilities link { zdnet.co.uk }
Following what was described as a 'maintenance release' of the latest version of BIND, the Internet Software Consortium has admitted that flaws in the earlier software mean the update is 'strongly recommended'
Intel ready to end the reign of BIOS link { com.com }
One of the last and least-loved remnants of the original IBM PC is about to get its marching orders, Intel predicted at its Developer Forum here this week...
Sysadmin Tales of Terror link { earthweb.com }
What's the honest, hardworking sysadmin to do? Well, start by checking out this article's suggestions for methodologies. . .
Closer to a national ID plan? link { com.com }
A little-known company called EagleCheck is hoping to provide a standardized identity check technique that governments and corporations will use to verify that you are who you claim to be. Check out this thought-provoking perspective on a national ID plan. (After all, if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, right? Right?)
Unbreakable encryption: a crypto expert's view link { smh.com.au }
Check out this expert's take on encrption options. It does not particularly endorse any particular encryption type, instead is simply an interesting read.
Out of Phone Numbers? Add Digits link { wired.com }
Verizon, Qwest and BellSouth have urged the Industry Numbering Commission,to "be proactive" about what they see as the newest threat to the dwindling supply of available phone numbers: voiceover Internet protocol, or VoIP. Of course, loss of long-distance revenue has *nothing* to do with this, right?
Managers should adopt a technical mentor link { com.com }
This is a short article, but an interesting idea. Nothing slows progress more than when the management has an unrealistic concept of technology.
Prices of DRAM Chips Hit Record Low link { chosun.com }
A bad economy can be good for the buyer; keep your eye on your local DRAM prices - it may be a good time to upgrade.
Mitnick becomes hacker target link { silicon.com }
Ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick has become a target for hackers. Twice in the past two weeks, online vandals have broken into the web server of the former hacker's security start-up, Defensive Thinking. It may be just me, but beyond the fact that it's Kevin Mitnick's company, it just sounds bad that any security company gets rooted. . .
IM creates 'rampant security risk' link { zdnet.co.uk }
Some IT managers are concerned that IM can send files that are not virus-checked past corporate firewalls , creating a threat to network security . . .
Know Your Enemy : Building Virutal Honeynets using VMware link { honeynet.org }
The Honeynet Project has found VMware to make an excellent development environment for Honeynet technologies. Check out this paper, where they take you through step-by-step how to build and deploy such a solution. . .
Network Associates loses battle to silence reviewers link { theinquirer.net }
New York State Courts have denied Network Associates, makers of McAfee and other anti-virus programs, the right to automatically silence reviewers. In this world of diminishing freedoms, this makes for an interesting article.
Why Don't Programmers Unionize? link { corporatemofo.com }
Unions seem to have a stigma about them, but as writer Tristan Trout points out, there are many issues with the current arrangement that Unions could potential fix. Read on!
Take advantage of PHP and LDAP authentication for Windows and UNIX link { com.com }
If you're one of the many places looking to use LDAP for authentication, be sure to check this article out.
Why virus names should be much, much simpler link { zdnet.com }
What's in a name? When it comes to viruses, plenty. Recently, a virus has appeared that has stumped the antivirus community and antivirus companies can't seem to agree on a standardized name . . .
Intel introduces the Centrino family link { com.com }
Intel on Tuesday announced a new brand name for its next-generation mobile processor technology: Centrino. Formerly known as Banias. What's with all of the wierd project names in IT? "The project is now called 'Sasso'. It used to be 'Ron'." Bizarre.
Transmeta Goes Inside link { eweek.com }
Transmeta Corp., known for its Crusoe line of processors,is expanding its product stable with a suite of chips for x86-compatible embedded applications. Read On!
Selecting a Mail System link { earthweb.com }
Looking into a new mail solution? Check out this article on what to look for. . .(And be sure to check out the RHSD Project Email Server!)
Computing first to rebound? link { com.com }
Select members of an engineering standards group said they thought the computer industry would recover sooner than other technology segments. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Life in the trenches: a sysadmin speaks link { theage.com.au }
Check out this *excellent* interview with a long-term sysadmin. From what we can tell, it's pretty dead-on. And don't forget to take the Personality Test!
Six top security issues for executives link { computerworld.com }
Sun Tzu, a legendary Chinese strategist born more than 2,000 years ago, taught the importance of knowing both your enemy and yourself and his words remain true today when it comes to information security. . .
Skills trends for 2003 link { zdnet.co.uk }
Interested in breaking into the job market this year? Not sure how you stack up to what employers are looking for? Check out this article on the skill trends for this coming year.
Survey: Employees ready to walk link { com.com }
Does it seem like your company is laying people off and expecting you to do twice the work? Feeling particularly disgruntled? Cheer up! It isn't just you! Check out this study on IT workers that have had enough!
AMD plans to keep annoying Intel link { com.com }
Check out this article on AMD's plans - most are as the title would suggest - annoyances to Intel. Some of the most interesting points are the plans for 64-bit desktops - definately worth a read.
Here come the disposable servers link { boston.com }
Why not! With the IT job market as it is, it seems all too many admins are disposable as well. Check out this interesting piece envisioning that in the future, IT professionals may be more like mechanics. (Does that mean Admins will actually be paid for the 60-80 hour weeks?)
Hitachi signs NetApp storage pact link { com.com }
Bad News for EMC. Beginning in the first quarter of 2003, HDS, a subsidiary of Hitachi, will sell Network Appliance systems that will act as a front end to HDS' top-end Lightning storage systems.
IBM preps 32-way Intel server link { theregister.co.uk }
Need serious horse-power for that new database server? IBM has confirmed that it is working on a greatly expanded version of its xSeries 440 server - a 32-way box that uses either 32-bit Xeon MP or 64-bit Itanium processors. Check it out!
Single sign-on: Problematic or security cure-all? link { zdnet.com.au }
Many tech leaders tout single sign-on (SSO) as the Holy Grail of directory services and a key to password protection, but is it a security cure-all? This is a must read, especially if you're one one the many System Administrators with HIPAA compliance coming in the near future.
IT manager ethics: From piracy to privacy link { zdnet.com.au }
With the bad IT market, some IT managers have taken to poor treatment of employees ("If they don't like it, they can get a job somewhere else!"). Regardless of Employee Morale, some of these tactics are actually against the law. Read on to see where the lines are drawn. . .
64-bit Windows, Apache make their way to Opteron link { zdnet.co.uk }
AMD is demonstrating 64-bit versions of Windows, Apache and other applications on Opteron systems, showing off the chip's 32-bit and 64-bit abilities
Secret U.S. court OKs electronic spying link { com.com }
A secretive federal court on Monday granted police broad authority to monitor Internet use, record keystrokes and employ other surveillance methods against terror and espionage suspects.
IBM's Open Source Plan to "Eclipse" .Net link { earthweb.com }
Eclipse,the open source architecture for software development launched by IBM earlier this year,is starting to gather momentum. Read on...
October 2002 Netcraft Survey Highlights link { serverwatch.com }
As usual, Apache, Microsoft, Zeus, and iPlanet remained the key players.The top vendors once again retained their rankings of the previous month, with Apache increasing its market share and Microsoft decreasing its share. Zeus and iPlanet remained flat.
Silicon Graphics: Feeling the Pressure link { baselinemag.com }
Long the multimedia market leader, SGI is feeling the pinch as longtime entertainment customers turn to cheaper Linux systems.
Braid virus winds its way through email link { zdnet.co.uk }
Update your virus definitions: this mass-mailing worm shares many attributes with the notorious Klez...
IBM readies Itanium 2 xSeries, dubs Linux the Unix for Intel link { theregister.co.uk }
IBM Corp is lining up the launch of its first xSeries server based on Intel Corp's 64-bit Itanium 2 processor for the first quarter of 2003, and has confirmed that it has dropped plans to bring its AIX Unix operating system to the Itanium processor platform. . .(No SMIT for you!)
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs link { rfhs8012.fh-regensburg.de }
g4u ("ghost for unix") is a NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM that allows easy cloning of PC harddisks to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs using FTP. The floppy/CD offers two functions. First is to upload the compressed image of a local harddisk to a FTP server. Other is to restore that image via FTP, uncompress it and write it back to disk; network configuration is fetched via DHCP. As the harddisk is processed as a image, any filesystem and operating system can be deployed using g4u.
Dell's USB Key replaces floppy link { com.com }
Dell is now offering a Dell-branded USB Key, a small, removable storage device. The device uses flash memory and works by plugging into a PC's USB port. When connected, it appears on a computer's desktop as a removable hard drive. When not in use, it fits easily into a shirt pocket.

I can't wait to try and explain this one to the users. ;)

Dell has big plans for mini PCs link { zdnet.co.uk }
We confess; this is nothing to do with servers. But these new, ultra-small form factor desktops sound extremely cool. Read on!
The horror of XML link { zdnet.com }
"I don't know about you, but I'm scared. XML is becoming complex, and it was an inherently fat way to represent data to begin with. . ." Wow! So it's not only me that thinks this? Check out this opinion piece by ZDNet's Larry Seltzer.
The OpenOffice Experiment link { osopinion.com }
Check out this relatively negative opinion piece on OpenOffice. Anyone have any experience with rolling out Open Office in the enterprise? Any alternative opinions?
EMC, Dell Aim Low with CX200 link { internetnews.com }
Looking to develop a presence in the lucrative low-end computer storage market, Mass.-based EMC Corp. (on Monday unveiled the CLARiiON CX200 network storage system, a new device co-designed and built in partnership with Dell Computer
Who do you serve and who do you trust? link { newsforge.com }
RMS throws some light on "trustworthy" computing; It's illuminating to consider that the Palladium effort is best questioned as "Who is trusting who?"
Cray to use AMD Opteron in supercomputer link { infoworld.com }
IN A BOOST to struggling chip company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Cray will build a supercomputer with Sandia National Laboratories using AMD's forthcoming 64-bit Opteron processor. . .
The world's most dangerous server rooms link { theregister.co.uk }
Think you've got it bad? Check out this story on the world's most dangerous server rooms.
New Software System Profiles "Normal" Computer Habits link { sciencedaily.com }
An early version of a new software system that detects cyberattacks while they are in progress by drawing highly personalized profiles of users has proven successful 94 percent of the time. User Profiles. In the "Racial Profile" sense of the term.
Itanium gets supercomputer boost link { com.com }
Supercomputer manufacturer Quadrics, has made its products compatible with systems built around Intel's Itanium 2 chip. Will this help popularize the chipset? Read On...
FBI names most wanted security flaws link { com.com }
With an eye toward taking the ease out of hacking, the FBI and a computer-security research group have announced the 20 most serious security vulnerabilities affecting both Windows and Unix systems. The actual List may be found here.
BeOS 5 Personal Edition link { bebits.com }
If you've never heard of BeOS and you want to try something new (Or even if you've heard about BeOS, but wondered what happened to it) then check out this innovative OS.
Blades for the desktop? link { com.com }
"Blade"-style design (SBC), in which thin devices are stacked vertically in racks have taken the server market by storm and now a start-up is proposing them as desktop machines. Check out this interesting proposal. . .
MySQL Supports Multiple .NET Interfaces link { mysql.com }
MySQL announces early integration with .NET allowing MySQL developers be some of the first to take advantage of the platform. . .
VMware GSX as an alternative for Development and Testing environments Brian Quinn
Concerned about the economy's impact on your network? Check out this review of VMware GSX as an alternative for Development and testing environments!
AMD continues its server push link { com.com }
Normally, System Toolbox doesn't mention hardware much but this seemed an interesting story - especially as we at systemtoolbox have recently migrated our review / development machines to AMD processors as we found the AMD machines we had were performing better than Intel boxes of greater clock speeds. In any case, food for thought.
SSH Public-Key Authentication link { onlamp.com }
If you find yourself 'sshing' all over the place and are tired of typing your password then you are in luck! You can make your life a little easier by removing the need for a password with the use of an authorized_keys file. Here's how.
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance, Part 2 Alex Cray
Alex continues his series on systems preventative Maintenance with some of the more commonly over-looked tasks.
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance, Part 1 Alex Cray
Do you PM? Of course you do! All too often in system administration preventive maintenance isn't done as it should be. So check out these CROSS-PLATFORM tips for how to incorporate good preventive practices on your network. . .
Fluent Perl link { sage.org }
Do you "speak" Perl? Fluently? Check out this interesting article that dissects a common Perl idiom. There is a lot to be said about writing Perl the right way, that is, the Perl way.
Tight VNC link { tightvnc.com }
Check out tight VNC, an incarnation designed for slower networks. Automatic SSH tunneling on Unix too! (Note that this IS cross-platform.)
A promo for Expect link { ibm.com }
Expect is a really capable little tool. IBM developer works has a little "server clinic" on what makes expect so great.
Server Load Balancing Alex Cray
Tired of just hearing Buzzwords when you need information on Load Balancing? Not sure of the difference between performance clustering, failover clustering and Load Balancing? This book is for you!
Network Troubleshooting Tools Alex Cray
Alex takes a look at O'Reilly's latest on Network Troubleshooting Techniques
Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting your Network, Third Edition. Chris Campbell
Systemtoolbox reviews the latest edition of this security guide that covers TCP/IP, Unix and even Windows and Macintosh.
It's a Dirty Job... John Campbell
Soup Sr. lightens this Friday afternoon with insight to his experences as a Unix System Administrator. . . (If only I knew what I was getting into BEFORE I became a sysadmin!)



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