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Using a Home Server to Learn an Operating System: Red Hat Part 5 - System Services: Alex Cray
In this article in the Home Server series, we continue our look at common system services with DHCP DNS and HTTP for Red Hat / CentOS
Timed Execution of TCPDUMP Elmo Recio
Again this goes into the, I-cannot-forget-this-because-i-rarely-use-it-but-will-need-it-eventually... if you need to execute tcpdump for a limited amount of time it's very easy with the combination of two switches...Read On!
 Operations Management Links · Tools · Articles  
Policies and Procedures, Part 8 - Incident Management Process Chris Campbell
In part seven of this series we completed a three article cycle looking at the lifecycle of a server and at the associated processes that accompany each phase. Here in part eight we are going to start a look at production process, starting with the Incident Management process.
Policies and Procedures, Part 7 - Retirement Process Chris Campbell
In part six of this series we started a three article cycle looking at the life cycle of a server and at the associated processes that accompany each phase. We continue here in part 7, with looking at the Retirement process.
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Quick Tips - Websphere connection failures Elmo Recio
Check out Elmo's latest detailing issues with Websphere connections...
Quick Tips: Ignoring Fields in Subversion Elmo Recio
In this quick tip, Elmo shows how to ignore unwanted fields with your friendly neighborhood subversion CVS.
 Windows Links · Tools · Articles  
Quick Tips - Pulling variables from command output in batch Chris Campbell
The scripting ability of UNIX based shells such as BASH make most of the Windows Command line seem like a throw-back to the early 1990's bulletin-board wild-west days. With Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 and PowerShell, Microsoft is making some great gains, but even these attempts can be over-wrought.One of the clearest examples of this is the ability to set a variable based on command output...
Ask Elmo: iTIM Not Setting AD Agent Passwords Elmo Recio
A Reader writes: "After turning on password validation in the reverse password synch plugin for Active Directory, changing your password in TIM doesn't set the AD password .... an error appears... any ideas?" Elmo has a crack at a solution - Read On!
 Virtualization Links · Tools · Articles  
Linux Professional Institute Launches Enterprise-level "Virtualization" Exam link { prweb.com }
he Linux Professional Institute (LPI), launched the "Virtualization and High Availability" exam elective for their LPIC-3 certification program. Read on!
Download Linux Integration Services v2.1 for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2 link { msigeek.com }
Wanted to do Linux virtualized in Hyper-V? Now you can - check this out!
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The Miseducation of a Systems Administrator Chris Campbell
Beset on all sides by ignorant and abrasive users? Chris delivers a take on why the problem may not reside with the users after all...
Cloud Computing - or Smoke and Mirrors? Chris Campbell
Welcome to the Next Big Thing (TM)- Cloud Computing.   Everywhere in IT, this buzz term abounds.   But, what does it mean?  And what does it mean to you?  And will ignoring it and pra




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